Catwoman, Elektra, Constantine: April 27th Comic Reel Wrap


Fresh feline images, coming right up. The movie's official site has a new high-resolution poster from the Halle Berry action flick (click the logo to see it).


This news is sick: according to IGN's Filmforce, 26-year-old actress Natassia Malthe has nabbed the role of Typhoid Mary in the Jennifer Garner-fueled spinoff movie. This follows yesterday's news that "ER" vet Goran Visnjic is joining Garner and Terence Stamp as part of the cast.


The official website has been updated with the logo for the Keanu Reeves horror vehicle.


Dark Horizons has a complete rundown on Marvel movie projects through 2007. Seeing "Blade: Trinity" and "Man-Thing" for this year is no surprise, but it shows 2005 as being very ambitious, with "Iron Man" and the Nicolas Cage-fueled "Ghost Rider" joining Jennifer Garner in "Elektra," the Tim Story-helmed "Fantastic Four" and John Singleton directing "Luke Cage." As well, their 2007+ list shows some interesting developments, with "Thor," the long-awaited "Black Panther" and "Captain America" joining "Spider-Man 3."


If you're dying for a look at Arseface, today's your lucky day. Makeup wizard Vincent Guastini was approached to do some of the work for the James Marsen-fueled adaptation, and did a number of designs and mock ups. He also revealed that Samuel L. Jackson was being considered for the Saint of Killers.


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