Catwoman, Dazzler, Batman Begins: July 6th Comic Reel Wrap


IGN's FilmForce has an interview with producer Denise Di Novi, who discusses the upcoming feline flick, with a clear word for some fans: "There's no reference to Batman in the final film. I think part of it is that Chris Nolan is shooting ["Batman Begins"] right now. He's in the market place, he's in the world actively. There were comics, there were stories about Catwoman that did not involve Batman. There were some where they intersected, there were some where they didn't. We felt that as I said earlier, she deserved a story where she just stood on her own terms." Likewise, Di Novi isn't so sure about what to do for a sequel. "I would love suggestions," she said, "because so many have been used already or they don't really make sense for Catwoman. So, I'm actually in the process of researching that. If anybody has an idea, I would love to hear it."


According to Dark Horizons, a Spokane, WA newspaper, while discussing starlet Jessica Simpson, "goes on to say how Jessica is possibly auditioning for a role as a superhero called Dazzler. The article goes on to say that producers where impressed with a small audition tape that the singer-actress sent them upon request, and will possibly give her a small role in the 3rd 'X-Men' movie as a lounge-singer, to introduce the character of Dazzler, in hopes to extend the character's role in future films."


Fans headed to the cineplexes to see "I, Robot" might get an extra surprise -- Cinescape says that "We have seen the evidence ourselves that Warner Bros. has struck a deal with 20th Century Fox to ship the trailer for 'BATMAN BEGINS' with prints of Fox's 'I, ROBOT' to theaters across the continent. 'I, ROBOT' will begin its theatrical run on July 16, and that will also be the same day that the trailer for 'BATMAN BEGINS' will be seen. We have also been able to confirm the running time of the 'BATMAN' trailer: it's one minute, five second in length. There is still no news on what imagery is contained in the 'BATMAN BEGINS' trailer, but this should be remedied shortly when theater owners begin receiving the movie reels of 'I, ROBOT' and view it for themselves."


Superhero Hype continues with part four of their report on visiting the Vancouver set. In this report, they look over sets being built and tore down, and got a peek at some costumes. There are some plot spoilers held within, so caveat emptor and what have you.


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