Catwoman's Answer to Batman's Proposal Is...

Batman and Catwoman

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains a major spoiler for Batman #32, by Tom King and Mikel Janin, on sale Wednesday, Oct. 4.

Get your best Wednesday formal wear cleaned and ready -- Batman and Catwoman are getting married!

Well, that's Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne's plan, at least. Revealed today via USA Today, the sometimes burglar will officially accept her wedding proposal from the full-time Dark Knight in this week's issue of Batman. The answer to the big question comes several months after readers first saw Batman take to a single knee to propose to his longtime lover in June's Issue #24.

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Since then, “The War of Jokes and Riddles” has been running through Batman, a storyline that follows Bruce recounting to Selina what happened during a turf war between the Joker and Riddler in his early days as the Dark Knight. Before the story arc wraps up, Bruce will reveal to Selina a deep, dark secret he’s kept to himself for years, explaining that he wants her to know his greatest shame before she accepts or rejects his proposal. What that secret is remains unrevealed at this point, but it would appear that as horrible as it may be, it's not enough to cause Catwoman to reject Batman.

Of course, before the pair head down the aisle, Batman's got some business to attend to out of town. “Batman leaves Gotham, he goes on a quest," King revealed of the series' next arc during Comic-Con International in San Diego back in July. "We’re going through the desert, he’s got a horse, he’s got a shotgun. He’s going to have his shirt off with a sword, and hair on his chest — we’re going old-school Neal Adams here, guys. In his mind, he’s entered someplace he’s never gone, and now he’s going to go off on a mission that’s completely illegal. It’s something the Robins are blown away that he’s doing, it’s something the entire Justice League doesn’t approve of. But he’s doing it on his own, because he hit that emotional breaking point — or happy point — that he has to move on with this.”

Batman #32, by Tom King and Mikel Janin, arrives in comic stores Wednesday, Oct. 4.

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