Catwoman, Batman, Garfield, Smallville: Comic Reel Wrap for January 12th


The Catwoman fansite reports some new tidbits about the Halle Berry-fueled film, including some alleged words from an anonymous member of the crew: "Things have been great! It was a little bumpy at the beginning of production, but once all the kinks were worked out, it was a smooth experience! I haven't read the script, but from what I've seen being shot, it's going to be quite interesting, both visually and from a story stand-point. I think it'll be dark, yet fun. There should be many fun moments in the film. I think they're treating the character as a free-spirit, a rule-breaker, but all for good reasons. Girls will love her attitude, and guys will be scared to meet her in a dark alley, I'm almost sure of that! The final product should be amazing. I've heard of the things that they're planning to do down the line. Some of the stuff in this film should be just crazy! They've got a healthy budget, and I'm sure they'll put that money to good use. CG-Catwomen, the whole she-bang ... should be quite a visual feast, I can't wait to see the final thing in movie cinemas!" As well, Random House notes that Elizabeth Hand will be handling the novelization chores.


Irish news site Unison.ie (registration required) reports that Cillian Murphy will play Gotham's scariest psychiatrist, Johnathan Crane, the Scarecrow. He's scheduled to start filming this summer after finishing a theatrical commitment. They claim that Murphy beat out "The Lord of the Rings'" Viggo Mortensen, for the role (despite repeated claims from Mortensen's agency Creative Artist Agency, that "He has no new or next project").


My Stuff & News has a new furry image from the Bill Murray-voiced adaptation.


Devoted to Smallville eschewed normal Sunday night fare to catch the season premiere of "The Surreal Life," and managed to capture a new trailer for the event episode "Asylum." They also read TV Guide's preview of the episode "Whisper," which has some bad news for everybody's favorite kid reporter. Meanwhile, our pals at Kryptonsite have the WB's official description of the episode "Delete."


Comics Continuum has new images and a series description from this week's new episode, "Harm's Way." The network describes the episode as follows: "Angel (David Boreanaz) arranges an important truce meeting between two warring demon tribes through a Demon Rights Activist (guest star Bryce Mouer) whom both clans trust. Feeling already unappreciated at work, Harmony's (Mercedes McNab) life in the office gets worse when she finds the Demon Rights Activist dead in her bed one morning after a night of drinking. She must find out who's framing her for the murder before Angel kills her for causing the summit negotiations to break down."


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