EXCLUSIVE: Selina Puts Her Game Face on in Catwoman #7 Preview

Selina Kyle hightailed it out of Gotham City after her planned marriage to Batman went up in flames, instead opting to take up residence in Villa Hermosa. Well, you can take the cat out of the Gotham, but you can't take the Gotham out of the cat. Once again, the cat burglar has managed to weave her way into the middle of a city's criminal syndicate. This development catches the eye of an old friend.

Enter the Penguin, fresh from his latest fight with Batman. The dedicated Detective Comics reader might assume the Penguin has come to Villa Hermosa to lean on Catwoman while she's out of her element, but that's not the case. Catwoman #7 will, instead, see the Gotham crime lord approach Selina with the deadliest currency: information.

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CBR's exclusive preview art doesn't touch on exactly what gossip Penguin is bringing the renowned thief, but it does tease how Selina might deal with the villain. The preview art sees Selina trying to pick out a diamond ring, only to be told that another item might be too expensive for her, and that she might want to come back with her husband. This elicits a dread glower (completely earned, mind you) from Selina, who recalls a former mentor's wise words.

Catwoman #7 goes on sale Jan. 16. The issue is written by Joëlle Jones, with art by Elena Casagrande and Jones. Jones also illustrated the cover. The issue's variant cover is illustrated by Ben Oliver.

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