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CBR Games Roundup: May 2009

CBR GAMES ROUNDUP is back for May, featuring titles like "Terminator Salvation, "Patapon 2," "Bionic Commando," "Punch Out!" and a little title called "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," among others.

DC Universe Online Reveals Doomsday

The cursed Kryptonian creature Doomsday is the latest character to be revealed as development continues on Sony Online Entertainment's "DC Universe Online" role-playing game.

Paul Dini Talks Batman: Arkham Asylum

Paul Dini talks to CBR News about scripting the hotly anticipated new video game "Batman: Arkham Asylum," starring the voices of his old "Batman: The Animated" series friends Kevin Conroy and Mark Hammil.

Solomon Grundy Invades DC Universe Online

Sony Online Entertainment and DC Comics have released Jim Lee's concept art for everyone's favorite DC zombie, Solomon Grundy, who will be included in their highly anticipated DC Universe Online game.

CAPCOM Talks Resident Evil 5

CAPCOM's Senior Director of Communications and Community Chris Kramer stops by CBR News to talk about the hugely popular "Resident Evil 5," as well as WildStorm's new tie-in comic book.

CBR Games Roundup: April 2009

We're back for another monthly installment of the CBR GAMES ROUNDUP, featuring titles like "Godfather II," "Samurai Showdown Anthology," "Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena" and much more.

Producer Talks "Batman: Arkham Asylum"

CBR News talks with producer Nathan Barlow about "Batman: Arkham Asylum," the increasingly anticipated new video game written by Paul Dini and starring the voices of "Batman: The Animated Series" stars Kevin Conroy & Mark Hammil.

CBR Games Roundup: March 2009

We're back for another monthly installment of the CBR GAMES ROUNDUP, featuring titles like "Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard," "Halo Wars," "Watchmen: The End is Nigh," "Resident Evil 5" and more.

CBR Games Roundup: NYCC 2099 Edition

CBR News was on hand at New York Comic Con to try out the plethora of new video games coming to consoles in the new year, including "DC Universe Online," "Ghostbusters" "Jumpgate Evolution" and much more.

NYCC: CBR Plays "inFamous"

One of the most anticipated Playstation 3 releases of the year, "inFamous" is an open world superhero action game that gives players electricity- based powers. CBR News played an early preview of the game.

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