Superman, X-Men 3, V For Vendetta: The Comic Reel Wrap for June 9th

Cyclops talks about romancing another famous female, we get an attendance sheet for the new semester at Xavier's, Agent Smith tells us why he's now another kind of anarchist, Jean-Claude Van Damme is headed to the Olympics, the Crown Prince of Crime could be headed back to the movies while there's no sign of Doctor Banner at all.

Talking With The Stars of "Batman Begins"

Late last week CBR News sat down with the stars and makers of the film "Batman Begins." We spoke with actors Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Katie Holmes and Gary Oldman as well as writer David Goyer about the making of the film.

REVIEW: "Batman Begins"

CBR's Khalil Asadullah took a trip to Gotham City and comes back a believer in the legends of the dark knight. Taking a close look at the characters, his review claims that this is not only the best film about a billionaire who dresses like a flying rodent, but that it chops the arm and legs off of a certain space opera as well.

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