Comics2Film Wrap for April 4th, 2003

Vin wants in on the 'Silver Surfer' movie. More info on Thomas Jane as 'The Punisher.' Furlong wants 'The Crow's' hidden depths to stay that way. Quesada and Palmiotti are producers on 'Painkiller Jane' and 'Astroboy' turns 0 this weekend.

Chow time!

'Bulletproof Monk' opens in theaters in just a few weeks. Star Chow Yun-Fat talks about good, evil, wires and fighting side-by-side with Stiffler.

Comics2Film Wrap for April 3rd, 2003

Thomas Jane has officially been cast as 'The Punisher.' Ed Brubaker turns in his script for 'The Fall.' 'The Hulk' gets a new composer (guess who) and mutant moviemakers talk about 'X-Men 2'.

Comics2Film Wrap for April 2nd, 2003

JMS talks about MSJ's movie interest in 'Midnight Nation.' Bryan Singer learns to juggle for 'X-Men 2.' The Dhol Foundation tries to drum some sense into 'Hulk.' Web of 'Spider-Man' intrigue may untangle soon. Stan Lee wants you to be a 'Superhero' on the WB!

Comics2Film Wrap for April 1st, 2003

'Painkiller Jane' and a 'Spawn' spin-off are the latest fare in development for the SCI FI Channel. 'Battle Chasers' gets optioned for the big screen. Furlong flies high on 'The Crow' and peyote. And Bryan Singer answers the question: who's stronger: Neo or Wolverine?

Comics2Film Wrap for March 28th, 2003

'The Mask' gets X'd as the sequel gears up for production. Take a sneak peek at 'American Splendor.' Museum members get to see 'The Hulk' first. Don't forget to watch 'Where Are They Now?' tonight.

Comics2Film Wrap for March 27th, 2003

Goyer set to script the Dark Knight's big screen comeback. 'Spider-Man' release date pushed back and Hollywood scrambles. Ratner talks about 'Superman' exit. Goyer's 'Zigzag' on video now.

Comics2Film Wrap for March 25th, 2003

An animation insider leaks top-secret scoops about 'Aquaman,' 'Shazam' and 'Teen Titans' toons. 'Smallville' gets an early pickup. EW's Hollywood Heroes go on display. 'Daredevil' crashes 'The (Norman) Osborns.' The 'Astro Boy' movie is not due out next year.

Comics2Film Wrap for March 24th, 2003

Oscar winner William Goldman says the magic word on DC Comics' latest big screen venture. Animatronics F/X guru gets his arms around Doc Ock. 'Perdition' takes home an Oscar. Fans get their first looks at 'Batwoman.' Fox takes its time with Marvel features. 'Daredevil' inches towards $100 million.

'Ash' movie development fires up again

New interest has sparked in the feature film version of Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti's super fire fighter "Ash." The latest details on this DreamWorks project can be found right here.

Energy Entertainment inks management deal for 'CiCi'

Parker Smart's indie comic 'CiCi' features a high-tech, butt-kicking heroine and ponders philosophical issues about creation and the meaning of life. Now, Energy Entertainment has inked a deal with Smart to take the property to the next level.

Comics2Film Wrap for March 20th, 2003

Director Brett Ratner dumps 'Superman' for another 'Rush Hour' sequel. Josh Olson set to write the script for 'A History of Violence.' 'Spider-Man' spin team gets accolade and VH1 asks where are the superheroes now?

Comics2Film Wrap for March 19th, 2003

'Hulk,' 'Punisher' producer Gale Anne Hurd takes on 'Micronauts!' 'Nexus' animated pilot update. Ellis makes a 'Superhuman' effort for SCI FI. 'Barbarella' still in the works. 'Santo' comes to America.

Comics2Film Wrap for March 18th, 2003

Tobey Maguire may not be back for the 'Spider-Man' sequel. Find out who could be replacing him. Latest actors bow out of 'Superman' deal and Ratner hangs in the balance. 'Ripley's' is re-upped for an additional 11 episodes. 'Mortadelo and Filemon' breaks foreign box office records.

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