"Batman: B&tB" - The Music Meister Review

"Mayhem of the Music Meister" introduces song into the Dark Knight's animated world. Filled with splashy numbers and unrequited love, the episode, anchored by Neil Patrick Harris's guest villain, has plenty to offer fans.

Astro Boy: The CBR Review

While somewhat lacking in story, "Astro Boy," which opens Friday, is a beautifully animated update of Japan's favorite robot boy featuring great actions scenes, a sense of style, and pop-culture free laughs.

Damon Lindelof Is Still "Lost"

"Lost" co-creator and "Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk" writer Damon Lindelof talks with CBR News about comic books, the final season of his hit TV series, Stephen King's "The Dark Tower," and more.

Lobo, Torso, Tin Tin: Oct 22nd Comic Reel

From Lex Luthor to "Lobo" for Clancy Brown? "Torso" maybe back on track? Nick Frost talks about being directed by a computer on the first "Tin Tin" film. All this, plus an "Astro Boy" press round up and more.

Director David Bowers talks "Astro Boy"

David Bowers, director of "Astro Boy," which opens Friday, discusses the film, visiting Hong Kong, Nicholas Cage's fated role in the film, working with a classic property, and the various forms of animation.

'Green Lantern' Leaves Australia

The global economic crisis throws a wrench in the gears of the Ryan Reynolds- starring action epic, forcing the Warner Brothers to look for a new location to shoot Hal Jordan's first flight

Exclusive Images From Astro Boy

Based on the manga of Osamu Tezuka, "Astro Boy" arrives in theaters October 23rd. CBR News has been provided with three exclusive images from the film, a modern telling of the character's origins.

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