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Comics2Film Wrap for April 22nd, 2003

Oeming's 'Hammer of the Gods' gets studio deal. Smashing new 'Hulk' trailer online. New pics of the webslinger in action from 'Spider-Man 2.' New 'Hellboy' images on the official Web site, plus a clarification about who is playing Ilsa. The 'Spider-Man' court case unsealed and Marvel's talking. Much more!

Comics2Film Wrap for April 21st, 2003

The 'Spider-Man' lawsuits between Marvel and Sony may be unsealed today. A cool new 'Hulk' pic. 'Daredevil' comes home to DVD. New pictures from the set of 'The Amazing Spider-Man.' Another new 'Hulk' DVD heading home in July. 'Bulletproof Monk' suffers disappointing holiday opening.

Bryan Singer's Mutant Agenda

Bryan Singer talks about R ratings, September 11th, Star Trek and, oh yeah, X2: Mutants United. Check out this Q & A with the mutant director.

Comics2Film Wrap for April 18th, 2003

'X-Men' star James Marsden prays that this will finally be the year he gets to play Garth Ennis' 'Preacher' on the big screen. 'Bulletproof Monk' clips and previews. Also: Smallville finale news online.

Comics2Film Wrap for April 16th, 2003

Bryan Singer talks about the differences between 'X-Men' and 'X2.' Potential 'Blade III' director moves on. Cameron vows to direct 'Battle Angel Alita.' Hi-Definition 'Free For All' set for Showtime. 'Justice League' at Burger King.

Comics2Film Wrap for April 15th, 2003

According to today's trades 'Iron Fist' is set to roll cameras this year. 'Spider-Man' set pics are all over the web. Get ready to chat with the cast of 'X2: Whatever the Name Is Today.' Kelly Hu talks about her superhero movie, based on Chaos! Comics 'Jade.' 'Spider-Man' and 'Daredevil' top MTV Movie list (but wash out in the action categories).

Comics2Film Wrap for April 14th, 2003

Cameras roll on 'Spider-Man 2' and set pictures, casting reports are begining to pop up. Also, new details behind Tobey's bad back controversy are revealed. 'X2' gets ready for release with a new title and new promo materials. Will Sean Connery be 'King Conan's' emperor?

Michael Yanover talks about 'Bulletproof Monk'

This week 'Bulletproof Monk' will become the second of five major comic-based movies to open in 2003. Michael Yanover has been there from the begining, as co-creator and publisher of the comic that started it all and executive producer of the big-screen adaptation. CBR spoke with Yanover about bringing this comic to film.

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