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WANTED: Thomas Kretschmann

The antagonist of "Wanted," Thomas Kretschmann talks about his role in the Top Cow/Mark Millar/JG Jones adaptation, as well as upcoming projects and his harrowing real-life escape from East Germany.


CBR talks to actor Christian Bale about his work on the hotly anticipated new Batman film, "The Dark Knight," in which his titular hero dons a new costume, rides a new bike, makes a new friend, and breaks a lot of people's arms.

Mark Millar's Movie Madness

Superstar comic book writer Mark Millar checks in with CBR News before attending the debut of "Wanted," and updates us on the status of the film version of his and John Romita Jr.'s Icon title, "Kick-Ass."


In this first of a series of interviews with the cast and crew of "The Dark Knight," CBR's Andy Khouri goes in-depth with director Christopher Nolan about his vision of the Joker, Batman's detective acumen, and themes of violence and escalation.

WANTED: Timur Bekmambetov

CBR News speaks with the "Wanted" director about the differences between the film and its Mark Millar/JG Jones source material, action movies with messages, and the return of the "Hard-R" to the summer film season.

Visit The Dark Knight: CBR Set Report

With "The Dark Knight" coming to theaters shortly, CBR can finally bring you a detailed report from the set of the film in Chicago, where we visited last year to observe the filming of scenes between Batman and Jim Gordon.

WANTED: Common

CBR News recently talked to Common about his role in the upcoming "Wanted" feature film. The actor also talked to us about his role in "Terminator: Salvation" and addressed all of those "Justice League" rumors.

WANTED: James McAvoy

CBR talks to James McAvoy about his role in the new film "Wanted," based on the comic by Mark Millar & JG Jones. He told us of his days as a candymaker, the stunt he cannot believe he was allowed to do, and post-modern depression.

Stan Winston, R.I.P.

Makeup and visual effects legend Stan Winston has passed away at age 62 after a seven-year battle with multiple myeloma. Winston won Oscars for his work on "Aliens" and "Terminator 2," and created the armor worn by Tony Stark in "Iron Man."

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