HEROES VIDEO - "It's Coming"

NBC has provided CBR with video from next Monday's episode of "Heroes" titled, "It's Coming." Get the inside scoop on why people are getting powers, Claire's attempts to protect Peter, and Nathan learning his destiny.

Writing "Batman: The Brave & The Bold"

"Batman: The Brave & The Bold" Story Editor Michael Jelenic explains how the writers behind the new animated series defined Batman's lighter personality and zeroed in on his guest stars' lives.

First Pictures from Kick-Ass

MARV Films has provided CBR with the first images of Aaron Johnson as the eponymous star of "Kick-Ass," the new Matthew Vaughn film based on the hit comic book by Mark Millar and John Romita, Jr.

New Watchmen Posters in Hi-Res

Warner Bros. has provided CBR with high-res versions of the new "Watchmen" posters you may have seen floating around the web today, and we've got them for you in one convenient place.

Diedrich Bader on Voicing Batman

CBR talks to Diedrich Bader, the voice-over star of "Batman: The Brave & The Bold," about bringing equal parts gravel and goofs to Cartoon Network's animated team-up take on the caped crusader.


Joe Pokaski & Aron Coleite are back to answer your "Heroes" questions in the latest edition of CBR's exclusive question-and-answer session, BEHIND THE ECLIPSE! This week: the futures of Sylar, Arthur, the Haitian and more!

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