A "Green Lantern" Sequel in the Works

Writers Greg Berlanti, Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim have been hired to write a treatment for a "Green Lantern" sequel while production continues on the first film. They will also pen a new treatment for "The Flash."

Paramount Officially Announces Les Grossman Movie

It's as if the universe Tom Cruise was talking ... and Paramount listened: Just a day after the actor mentioned plans for a movie starring his character Tropic Thunder, the studio and MTV Films announced an "Untitled Les Grossman Project." You spank that ass, Les!

Anchor Bay Enlists First Squad Anime

Anchor Bay Entertainment has acquired the U.S. home-distribution rights to First Squad: The Moment Of Truth, the acclaimed anime about a group of Soviet teenagers with extraordinary abilities who are drafted during World War II to fight the invading German army.


Muppets Return Christmas 2011

Welcome to the surreal world of moviemaking, where movies get release dates before they get official go-aheads from the studios behind them. The latest production to know when to be finished by before being told they can start? The new Muppets movie.

Indiana Jones To Return, Make Up For Indy 4

He may have broken nerd hearts with his last outing, but "sources" are claiming that Indiana Jones may return again, sooner than you think, and try to make everything right again. Although he'll be bringing Shia Le Beouf along with him, so...

Please Make This Happen: Beetlejuice 2

It's been 22 years since Michael Keaton, Winona Ryder and Tim Burton made a permanent impression with Beetlejuice and, despite rumors and finished scripts to the contrary, a sequel has never quite come together.

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