Scre4m Seeks Out New Heroes

Hayden Panettiere, Ashley Greene and others have received offers to star in the fourth Scream film alongside Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox and David Arquette.

No Megan Fox In Transformers 3 - But Why?

Fans of the Transformers movies, beware: The third installment won't feature the somewhat robotic acting skills of Megan Fox, after it was announced yesterday that she has left the hit franchise. But did she jump or was she pushed?

Review: Best Worst Movie

Best Worst Movie is a celebration of one particular bad movie, 1990's Troll 2, and the humanity that surrounds it. It's also a documentary about one of the film's stars and the audience that embraced one of the worst movies ever made.

Drew Barrymore Surrenders To Oz

After years of Charlie's Angels and romantic comedies, who could blame Drew Barrymore for wanting to escape it all? Traveling to Oz with a sequel to The Wizard of may be going a little too far, though...

Take A Peek At A Camera Test For Cowboys & Aliens

Director Jon Favreau offered a glimpse into pre-production for Cowboys & Aliens with a photo from a camera test for the comic-book adaptation. It's difficult to tell, but judging from the "mysterious shackle" on the right wrist, the shot is probably of star Daniel Craig.

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