Tom Cruise Sings -- If We're Lucky

Looks like that career resurgence is coming along just nicely for Tom Cruise: The actor and alter ego of already-annoying agent Les Grossman has been offered a role in the movie adaptation of Broadway musical Rock of Ages. Yes, that means he'd be expected to sing.

Super 8 Release Date Announced

We don't know much about JJ Abrams' secret movie project Super 8, but as of yesterday, we can add two things that that short list: The release date and the fact that it's not a movie that's scared of a little competition.

Crash Director To Remake Spanish Die Hard

When a prison riot breaks out, trapping a new prison guard inside even though he wasn't supposed to start work until the following day, there's only one thing to do: Hope that acclaimed filmmaker Paul Haggis signs onto the remake of Spanish thriller Celda 211.

Chris Evans As Captain America Hits Web

As part of Entertainment Weekly's rollout on the upcoming Marvel movie, Chris Evans is finally seen in the red, white and blue uniform of Steve Rogers for the first time as he, the director and the Red Skull chat.

Matt Damon Welcomes The Bourne Legacy

Matt Damon is not in The Bourne Legacy, but that doesn't bother the actor in the slightest; as long as there's still room for himself and Paul Greengrass to return to the franchise some day, that is.

CBR At "The Walking Dead" Premiere

Cast, crew and the undead converged in Hollywood for the premiere of AMC's "The Walking Dead," where the series creator was in attendance, stars lined up for photos and zombies lumbered down the red carpet.

Aronofsky To Direct Machine Man, Not Marvel's

His deal to direct Fox's Wolverine 2 may not be official, but Darren Aronofsky isn't sitting around waiting for papers to be signed; he's just signed on to direct a movie version of Machine Man... but it's not Marvel's robot superhero.

Michael Jackson's Thriller To Become Movie?

The video for Michael Jackson's Thriller may be one of the most fondly remembered music videos of all time, but can the song become a successful horror movie? If Twilight studio Summit Entertainment has anything to say about it, yes...

"The Walking Dead" Infects The World

On Tuesday, zombie hordes struck a number of the world's most iconic and famous landmarks. In Boston, Massachusetts, not even Rick Grimes himself could save the Washington Monument from the shambling undead.

Top Gun Sequel Sets Director & Star

Yes, it's actually happening. First hinted at earlier this month, Top Gun 2 is, in fact, quite real, as director Tony Scott himself has confirmed to multiple outlets that he'll get back into the cockpit for another ride off the flight deck.

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