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Wonder Woman, Transformers, Batman Begins, Firebreather: April 4th Comic Reel Wrap

A big honkin' load of news and rumors, with Joss Whedon talking about how he got on to Paradise Island, two directors battling to climb into Optimus Prime, brief looks at a real "swinging" billionaire, cutting a check for Phil Hester and Andy Kuhn, Perry White in the "House," "Watchmen" leaving the UK, and maybe even some notes on a very small art film you might not have heard of called "Sin City."

REVIEW: "Sin City" The Movie

CBR News takes a look at the upcoming movie "Sin City," based on the graphic novel by Frank Miller. Was the film succesful? Did it ever falter? Look inside to find out.

Chatting With The Stars of "Sin City"

This past weekend the press was brought out to talk with the stars of the upcoming film "Sin City." CBR News was on hand and got to chat with Director Robert Rodriguez and actors Rosario Dawson, Jessica Alba, Brittany Murphy and Clive Owen.

Wizard World LA, Day 2: Marvel's Fantastic Four Panel

Marvel Studios executive Avi Arad and actor Chris Evans took the stage to fend off questions about the Corman version, family ties, special effects, playing with yourself and a host of other Marvel properties like "Captain America," "Killraven," "Thor," "Spider-Man 3," "X-Men 3" and more.

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