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Another Delay For The Wolverine?

A new report contends production of The Wolverine, expected to begin in November, could move to spring, possibly to give star Hugh Jackman time to shoot Les Miserables.

The CBR Review: Batman Live

Despite covering some well-worn story ground and some odd twists for fans of the comics, Waterlane Productions' "Batman Live" offers its fair share of stunning spectacle alongside a strong ensemble telling the story of the Dark Knight.

Disney Fires Marvel Movie Marketers

With an official excuse seeming to be redundancy of staff since the House of Mouse will now distribute Marvel Studios films, Disney has let go the Marketing execs who have worked on movies from "Iron Man" to "Captain America."

Ben Affleck Eyes Line Of Sight

Ben Affleck is in talks to produce, direct and star in the Warner Bros. thriller about an elite commando squad transporting cargo while dealing with a global threat.

Show (Business) Crash: After A Flop-Filled Weekend

It's the weekend that proved... what, exactly? As Fright Night, Spy Kids: All The Time In The World and Conan all bombed ay the box office, it's tempting to draw some kind of larger conclusion from what turned out to be a brutal weekend for genre properties, but I'll be damned if I really know what that larger conclusion could be.

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