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John Byrne: The Hidden Answers

In this extensive interview with John Byrne, Michael Thomas asks the hard questions on Byrne's past projects and discusses his work on legendary characters like Superman, Spider-Man and the X-Men. Plus, Byrne discusses what he's got coming next.

Chris Claremont Interview

An intimate interview with X-scribe Chris Claremont in which he discusses coming back to the X-Books, his work on Fantastic Four plus some thoughts on the X-Men movie.

Gene Colan Interview

An extensive and revealing interview with veteran comic artist Gene Colan. Gene recounts his early days working for Marvel, time spent on Tomb of Dracula, some thoughts on the Blade movie and much more.

Of Roses and Bones: Jeff Smith Interview

Jeff Smith reveals the details of how he created and developed the forthcoming mini-series, ROSE, with artist Charles Vess, before he discusses the current, paradoxical state of the comic industry and art form. Plus he talks a bit about that movie deal with Nickelodeon, how he got Alex Ross to do a cover for BONE #38, as well as a few other odds and ends.

Jim Starlin Interview

Discover what veteran creator Jim Starlin is currently working on and what's coming in the future. Plus take a look back with him at his almost 30 year long career in the comics industy in this interview with CBR Contributing Writer Michael Thomas.

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