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Powers Play: Bendis talks 'Powers #25' and more

[Powers]'Powers' creator Brian Bendis talks about hitting the milestone issue #25 with a look back on the series, how it's changed over the years and what's coming next. Brian also addresses the rumor whether or not he's going exclusive with Marvel.

Feeling 'Blue:' Talking with Tim Sale

[Spider-Man: Blue]'Spider-Man: Blue' artist Tim Sale talks about his work on the mini-series with Jeph Loeb, what most insterests him about Spider-Man and how he changes his art for each project. He even weighs in on who he thinks was the better love for Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy or Mary Jane Watson. Updated with cover of 'Spider-Man: Blue #4.'

Ralph Nader Joins Fight to Save LPC Group

Real-life crusader and sometime presidential candidate Ralph Nader has joined the battle for the future of LPC Group, the independent book publisher that declared bankruptcy last month, and thus endangered the future of Top Shelf, Drawn and Quarterly and other prominent independent comics publishers.

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