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Shooter Dishes on Legion Demise

Following news that DC's "Legion of Super-Heroes" will end with #50, writer Jim Shooter confirms he was fired from the book twice and shares what could have been for the title, including the introduction of a new Kryptonian.

McFarlane & Portacio talk Spawn

Todd McFarlane returns to guide his most famous creation as co-writer and inker, promising he and artist Whilce Portacio will deliver big stories and bigger changes beginning in this week's "Spawn" #185.

Happy Hackoween: Seeley talks Hack/Slash

Creator Tim Seeley talks about the the delay with this week's Re-Animator crossover, his character's guest appearances in two other indie comics, the Scream Awards, and the latest developments on the Hack/Slash movie.

Mark Wheaton on The Cleaners

"The Cleaners" have the dirty job of tidying up after grisly crime scenes. But the stars of the new Dark Horse series by Wheaton, Fialkov and Ekedal are driven to use their talents to solve unsolvable crimes.

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