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Dan Slott Talks Mighty Avengers

The world is coming to an end, but a new team of Avengers stands assembled not about to let their planet go gently into that good night. CBR News spoke with writer Dan Slott about "Mighty Avengers."

Gonzales Bites Into "Super-Zombies"

TV news reporter and comics newcomer Vince Gonzales dishes on the undead cast, zombie history and areas between heroes and villains on display in "Super- Zombies," the Dynamite mini co-written by Marc Guggenheim.


With "Dark Avengers" #1 in stores now, CBR News speaks with writer Brian Michael Bendis about the key Dark Reign title and what readers can expect from the series as it goes forward.

Image Solicitations, April 2009

Image Comics has released graphics and solicitation images for new books on sale in April, 2009, including work from Frank Cho, Robert Kirkman, Todd McFarlane, Joseph Michael Linsner, Joe Casey, Chris Yost and more.

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