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ECCC: Scott Allie talks "Exurbia"

The editor behind such series as "Hellboy" and "Buffy Season 8," Scott Allie shows off his writing in the dystopian "Exurbia," an OGN debuting in October from Dark Horse. We spoke with Allie about the book.

Chris Giarrusso Talks G-Man!

Coming in May from the creator of "Mini Marvels" is "G-Man: Learning to Fly," a new Image Comics collection of humorous all-ages strips by Chris Giarrusso. CBR spoke with the cartoonist about his work on the series.

High Lonesome: Aaron Talks Scalped

With "Scalped" #27 in stores now, CBR talks with writer Jason Aaron about the Vertigo series' current arc, "High Lonesome," which examines the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of book's cast.

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