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YABS FLASHBACK Gail continues her look at Marvel's top books as she takes affectionate aim at Marvel's most talkative team, "The Avengers."

Issue #15

The final chapter in Warren's multi-part series on writing and breaking into comics. This week Warren covers "The Pitch."

This week C2F SPOON-feeds you an insider report on The Tick live-action TV pilot. We also talk to Mike Allred about his G-Men From Hell movie. Check out the news on X-Men, Batman, Spawn and much, much more!

Issue #32

Comic pros use and dependence on storytelling shortcuts in the creative process.

Pipeline, Issue #144

Lots of reviews, including Batgirl #2, Savage Dragon #71, Gen Active #1, Batman Gotham Adventures #24, as well as Fantasia 2000; Plus, the return of the Pipeline Ad of the Week.

The truth behind comics' longest running family is revealed!

Special Report

C2F SPECIAL REPORT: Andrew Paquette and James Hudnall score a court victory in their Harsh Realm lawsuit!

Get the scoop on the animated Thor movie, straight from the director. Check out the casting report on Ghost World. Read interesting director news and rumors on Dr. Strange, Daredevil, Superman and Batman. Much, much more!

Issue #31

What we've been calling the "graphic novel" really doesn't come close to that designation and Steven Grant explains why.

Pipeline, Issue #143

The new issue of Batman sets Augie off into a brief lesson in comic book dialogue; Plus reviews of Authority #12, Flash #159, and Action Comics #764.

Issue #13

Warren does everyone a public service: he teaches you all how to write comics.

This week we talk to the Huja Brothers about the Rat Bastard TV show, Craig Miller about the Elfquest movie and Don Murphy about From Hell. Also, news on Mage, Grendel, X-Men, Superman, Batman Beyond and much more!

Issue #30

Comics aren't just for boys and Steven Grant points out some comics young girls might enjoy. A must read for any parent trying to turn their daughter onto comics.

Pipeline, Issue #142

Reviews, reviews, reviews! Augie takes on Kin #1, Rising Stars #5, Robin #75, Gen13 #50, and the new Comics Scene Magazine. Plus assorted silliness and comics awards talk.

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