CBR Exclusives

Issue #97

A huge week for C2F with the latest on productions for Whiteout (including an interview with Greg Rucka), Red Rocket 7, Superman Reborn, The Tick and more!

Pipeline, Issue #131

Augie reviews hardcovers Son of Superman and The Chalice; Plus reviews of books by the creative team of the late and lamented The Copybook Tales.

Gail shows no mercy as she takes aim at the stylings of DC/Vertigo's 'Hellblazer.'

Issue #1

Warren Ellis' first column at CBR. Find out what Warren really thinks about ... oh just read it for Heaven's sake!

Issue #96

The latest on productions for Spider-Man, X-Men, Astro Boy, Scud, Blade 2, Bruce Wayne, Doc Savage and much more.

Issue #18

Self Publishing. The good and the bad. Is it worth it? The history of this segment of the industry, it's successes, failures and what it means today.

Pipeline, Issue #130

What do The Iron Giant, Savage Dragon, The Authority, Hardcover comic collections and Art Adams have in common? Nothing other than they're all in this issue of Pipeline!

Mike Carlin visits glamourous Hollywood, California, shopping comic properties to studio execs when it turns into the pitch session from hell!

Pipeline2, Issue #25

The Hard Cover comic book. Is it a better way of packaging a comic and are they usually worth it? Plus reviews of Wildcats #6 and Danger Girl #6.

Issue #17

Comic Book Marketing. Three words that don't go well together. With an industry in dire need of help, why isn't there any sort of proper promotion?

Pipeline, Issue #129

A review of the National Convention held in New York City, plus reviews of books like Daredevil #9, Stupid Stupid Rat Tails #1, 100 Bullets #6 and more.

Gareb Shamus hasn't even published his first book and Gail's already slapped him down in this hillarious satire of the 'Black Bull' press piece.

Issue #16

Steven Grant explores the fascinating history of the Comics Code Authority. What purpose does it serve? What do they do? Have we ever or do we still need the CCA?

Pipeline, Issue #128

Augie reviews some recent releases such as New Warriors #4, M.Rex #1, Witching Hour #1, a critique of the recent Superman covers, and gives a look at Art Adams and his recent work.

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