CBR Exclusives

Delano on the state of the "Outlaw Nation," a Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition: Alex Robinson of "Box Office Poison," Neil Gaiman opens official Web site

Issue #99

Another bad rap for Darwinism, as Marvel lets the small furry mammals in...

Updated! Spider-Man teaser poster revealed! Goyer eyes Dr. Strange. The Eltingville Club goes to Japan. Parasyte gets a director. X-Men 2 and more!

Whatever happened to the 'Last X-Men' story, Gail Simone/Lea Hernandez' 'Killer Princesses' debuts online, Preview: Go Girl #4

Issue #23

Actually getting your comics doesn't have to be a difficult process. Bring the kids indoors and keep 'em away from the windows, because ol' Lar here is in a mood.

Miracleman to appear in McFarlane's "Hellspawn," Bendis announces creative team changes on "Powers," Eagle Awards nominations opened

Issue #98

"Real" publishers publishing graphic novels is the salvation of comics, right? Dream on...

Rucka signs for Queen & Country. Alien Arena makes Heavy Metal noise. Universal fishes for Sub-mariner. Batman Special Edition DVD and more!

Pipeline, Issue #210

Augie looks ahead to books arriving in comic shops this week: 'Uncanny X-Men', 'Detective Comics', and 'The Punisher.' Plus more reviews and trade paperbacks!

PCR Extra, Issue #10

Pipeline Extra! Pipeline delves into trade paperbacks, looking at some good ones due out in August and giving some thought to the format itself.

Palmiotti lands TV deals and comic writing gigs, Harry Potter: the comic book, more "Witches" from Deodato, Kolins wants to go the distance on "Flash"

Issue #22

A mainstream comic store? Can such a thing exist? Larry finds one in his own hometown.

Issue #97

The seductive allure of the hero-villain, and what it really means... to both the past and the future...

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