CBR Exclusives

Issue #40

A couple of ruminations this week, from Our Man Lar, detailing what ancillary merchandise has got to do with anything, how Spider-man first climbed up Half Dome in Yosemite, and what Mike Allred says about comic books.

Issue #5

The CIA, FBI, where "Permanent Damage" came from plus reviews of comics you should be reading.

The latest film news related to your favorite comic properties like Spider-Man, Hulk, Birds of Prey, Mage and much more!

Pipeline, Issue #228

Augie takes a look at this week's release list, and considers your suggestions for trades you'd like to see printed in response to the last column.

Issue #39

This week, Larry ponders the problem: how to make better a world where evil brings triumph, and virtue, none at all? The answer: responsibility in Art.

Issue #4

Steven answers your most commonly asked questions, a discussion of 'CPL' and a handful of reviews.

American Splendor, Daredevil and Justice League. If that's not enough we've also got the latest on Spider-Man, Mutant X, Aquaman and more!

Issue #38

This week, Larry and new AVENGERS artist Kieron Dwyer have lunch and talk acting, plankton, and comic book production.

Issue #3

The ultimate guide to doing, well, everything in comics, plus a look at the Ghost World movie.

We've got the latest on Daredevil, a video preview of Stark Raven, news on Constantine and Watchmen, plus images from Blade 2 and MUCH more in this weeks Comics2Film!

Pipeline, Issue #226

What is it about this week's 'Ultimate Spider-Man' issue that drives Augie crazy? Whose hand is that on the cover of 'Origins' #2? The answers to these and many more questions today in Pipeline.

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