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A Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition: Jason Bone of "Alison Dare," Superboy grows up this fall, Beau Smith on how he'd bring back "Guy Gardner"

Exclusive Cloak And Dagger interview with David Tischman. Denton, LaManna and Wong bare their Fang. Spidey, Turtles, Blade and more!

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YABS Exclusive! We've gotten our grubby paws on the long-forgotten FIRST ISSUE of Wizard Magazine! Look and see how far they've progressed, or not!

Joss Whedon bitten by comic creating bug with "Fray," Dixon on "Marvel Knights" cancellation, McCloud and "Penny Arcade" declare peace

Issue #25

In which we find ol' Lar finally answering the age-old question "Where do you get your ideas?" Of course, the answer is not where you think.

Kyle Baker does it Old Testament style in "King David," Hernandez/Simone unleash Killer Princesses onto Internet, Simone plays "Night Nurse," McCloud responds to "Penny Arcade," A Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition: Mike Brennan of "Electric Girl," preview: "King David"

A first look at Dan Dare. The truth about Luke Cage. Pat Mills shops Sha. Nic Cage on Ghost Rider. More!

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YABS Flashback International turmoil. Natural disasters. Ethnic and religious bigotry. Forget all that, the IMPORTANT news is in this week's BUZZLINE!

A Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition: Scott Mills of "Big Clay Pot," Bendis announces "Ultimate Marvel Team-Up" line-up, "Penny Arcade" attacks Scott McCloud, DC superheroes know Jack

Issue #24

Monthly comic book issues, versus trade paperbacks and original graphic novels? Which one is a librarian gonna stock? Plus, Larry shows the love to comics people who Get It.

Delano on the state of the "Outlaw Nation," a Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition: Alex Robinson of "Box Office Poison," Neil Gaiman opens official Web site

Issue #99

Another bad rap for Darwinism, as Marvel lets the small furry mammals in...

Updated! Spider-Man teaser poster revealed! Goyer eyes Dr. Strange. The Eltingville Club goes to Japan. Parasyte gets a director. X-Men 2 and more!

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