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Pipeline, Issue #341

Augie gives 'The Absolute Danger Girl' a hard look this week and comes to some surprising conclusions. Is the extra money worth it for this new presentation of the material? Click here to find out.

Lots of stuff this week, including Warren Ellis' manga plans, Andy Diggle gets 'Strange,' an image from JR Jr.'s Image project, a new Nightcrawler comic, more Millarworld titles in the future, Rick Veitch has a busy schedule and much, much more.

Issue #15

James Sime hosts creator Ed Brubaker in one of the most unique in store appearances ever: Brubaker will be arm wrestling his fans and those who win get the free stuff. James talks with Ed about the event and comics. UPDATED 3:30 AM TUESDAY The final update from the Brubaker Armwrestlethon held at the Isotope Friday includes a number of new videos, pictures from the event and a wrap up by James. Check it out!

Issue #32

The Year in Review. Okay, it's only been eight months for this column. But, wow, look who opened their mouths for J. Torres in 2003…

Issue #117

Loads of reviews this week: 'CSI,' 'CVO,' 'Dark Days,' 'Grumpy Old Monsters,' 'Sword of Dracula,' 'I Am Legend,' 'Stay Puffed,' 'Eclipse and Vega' and more. Plus, more reaction to the comics criticism article as well as the computerized preview system and loads of other good stuff.

Pipeline, Issue #340

Augie takes a look at some of last week's books, including 'Wanted' #1, 'Cloudfall' #1, and 'Ultimate X-Men' #40. Plus, some technical suggestions for a comic book card catalog.

Pipeline. Issue #340

Augie takes a look at some of last week's books, including 'Wanted' #1, 'Cloudfall' #1, and 'Ultimate X-Men' #40. Plus, some technical suggestions for a comic book card catalog.

Are new distribution wars looming on the horizon? What's Marvel's involvement? Norman Mailer does comics. The history of NOW comics. A look at some G.I. Joe covers as well as the before and after of Blue Beetle in 'Formerly Known As...' The Wachowski Bros. next comics project and much more. Updated with 'Wheel of Time' and 'Zorro' images.

Issue #14

James encourages you to take your ideas and put them on paper in the form of mini-comics. Why should you do it? James tells you exactly why. Plus a look at some current mini-comics you should be checking out.

Issue #31

In which Torres talks to some of Santa's elves about comic books appropriate for giving as gifts and stocking stuffers to kids as well as donating to local toy drives and other children's charities…

Issue #116

What comics shops and the industry can learn from the local library by building a national card catalog for stores. More comments on comics criticism. Steven asks you what's the best graphic novel of the year and the best graphic novel of the year nobody read and much more.

Pipeline, Issue #339

Augie's been keeping up with his reading, and has thoughts on 'My Sassy Girl,' 'Captain America,' 'Halo and Sprocket,' and the handiest guide to comics you could ever ask for.

So, we made you wait a day for the latest column from Rich, but he doesn't dusappoint. LOADS of news and rumors including who's taking over 'Legion,' follow-up on last week's Image story, John Byrne's 'Green Lantern Corps' art, X-Men plans, 'Formerly Known As The Justice League' sequel plans, 'Hellblazer's' 200th issue and much, much more.

Issue #13

This week James tells you the proper way to pimp to the pimp, or in other words, how you as a creator should approach a retailer in person or online and get them interested in selling your book.

Issue #30

In which Torres talks to Andi Watson about one series about to end ("Namor"), another just getting under way ("Love Fights"), and how the trade paperback might have been the death of one but what sustains the life of the other…

Issue #115

The topic of swiping came up in a recent conversation Steven had with fellow professionals and he examines why it's done, when it's okay and when it's definitely not. Plus, reader reaction to last week's comments about comics criticism and much more.

Pipeline, Issue #338

Augie pays homage to Joe Kubert this week on the publication of his new Sgt. Rock hardcover. Plus, reviews of the new 'Conan' and 'Uncle Scrooge' issues, and nits to pick on some other recent comics.

It's a biggie this week! What's the Marvel wall of secrecy about? What happend on the "Blade 3" set? A look at the upcoming "Secret Wars." New trades coming from DC. Why the exodus from Image? MV Creations takes care of their creators and gets taken care of by Image. Robert Kirkman's next book. Plus much, much more.

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