CBR Exclusives

Issue #19

James shares with you a look at the Brian Wood Month celebration still ongoing up in San Francisco. So far the celebration has included a Tiki bar tour, drunken bowling, incredibly strange wrestling, two women making out, a visit to a gun range and a comic launch party.

Issue #34

In which Torres talks to comic creator and animator Scott Morse ('Barefoot Serpent,' 'Soulwind, 'Visitations') about his debut gallery show 'Mr. Cloud,' on now at the Meltdown Gallery (7522 Sunset Blvd) in Los Angeles…

Issue #123

Steven opens the nominations for 'The First Annual Finger Awards for Underachievements in Comics Editing.' One note, though, it's only open to freelancers. Then, reader e-mail and some comments on the Iowa caucus.

It's a big one this week. Changes in Marvel editorial practices, the DC purchase of Top Cow that's not gonna happen, Neil Gaiman talks next project possibility, what may happen with 'Spawn,' 'He-Man' sized problems and much more.

Pipeline, Issue #345

Augie names his Man of the Year for 2003 while looking back at his Top Ten list for 2002. Plus, reviews of 'Ultimate Fantastic Four' and Image's 'Lex Talionis.'

Issue #18

In previous weeks James has given you a number of ways of pimping your latest project, but how do you get in touch with retailers and then work with them? James talks about the best ways of contacting and working with retailers in order to get them interested in your book.

Issue #33

J. Torres is back with an all new edition of OPEN YOUR MOUTH. This week Torres takes a look at upcoming projects from Steve "30 Days of Night" Niles, Image Comics, Harris Comics, Com.X, the New Mutants writing team, the Comic Book Idol, and much more… Updated with additional art.

Issue #122

Steven shares with you a very interesting story that has gone untold about one of America's legendary families, a look at Marvel's current position in the market, thoughts on the recent Consumer Electronics Show and more.

Rich has an early candidate for maddest moment of the year, more on the Joss Whedon rumors, possible Millar 'Blade' book in the works, Gaiman's 'NeverWhere' comes to Vertigo, 'Dazzler' makes a return, overseas 'Spawn' story sees print in the U.S., more followup on the TSR story and much more.

Issue #17

This week James examines the potential of one of the cheapest promotional avenues publishers have, bagstuffers, and the many ways they be used.

Issue #120

What was the biggest news story of 2003? Steven Grant weighs in with his thoughts. Plus, Steven consults the oracle to find out what comics has in store for 2004.

More on the worst kept secret in comics - Joss Whedon's involvement with the X-Men, the next 'Authority,' are the days numbered for Elongated Man, how about some BMW comics, whatever happened to the first 'Dragonlance' series in the '90s and much more.

Issue #16

In James Sime's first column for the new year, we figure the following quotes best describe what you'll find him talking about today: "Yes, a new year is dawning, not only for the calendar, but also for the comic industry. And from where I'm sitting, it looks to be a damn good one."

Issue #119

A resolution for the new year, how the current system of creating comics kills inspiration, a look back at some of what didn't exactly work in comics in the last year and the best, plus a handfull or reviews and more.

Pipeline, Issue #342

Augie looks back at the first couple of 'Hellboy' trades, ahead to CrossGen's 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,' and directly at the new 'Vampirella Comics Magazine.'

It's a special column this week as Rich looks back over the rumors of 2003 (with a few new ones thrown in for good measure) and finally awarding the Rumor of the Year award. Who has won the coveted prize? There's only one way to find out. That's right, but reading on. Go on!

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