CBR Exclusives

In memory of the terrorist attacks of September 11th, YABS will be delayed until tomorrow. Please read Gail's thoughts on the tragedy; "They Missed."

The latest on Hellboy, R.I.P.D., Watchmen and Concrete. Preacher ready to roll. Is Diesel a Daredevil? More.

Issue #34

How Marvel is like a pretty girl at a crosswalk, an entertaining website featuring its content on .pdfs, a cocktail at a comic shop, and Microsoft.

Rob Schrab has a Robot Bastard! Codename: Knockout optioned. Lenore animated show debuts. Top Cow! Turtles! More!

Issue #33

Livin' on Internet Time/Livin' on Internet time/Gonna set my watch back to it/'Cause you know that I been through it/Livin' on Internet time...

Issue #109

A Blast From The Past: wasn't the future wonderful, and other tales of lost opportunities...

Primate pitches proceed in Hollywood. Ball and Chain still a contender. Eltingville waits. Cage angling for Hard Boiled. More!

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