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George talks at length with Spanish comics creator Miguelanxo Prado, best known to American audiences for his work with Neil Gaiman in "Sandman: Endless Nights" and his design work on the "Men In Black" animated series.

This week: Crime comics and a love song for "100 Bullets"; 1000 reviews in 1000 days, abridged version; plus JG Ballard, the president of Texas and more in PERMANENT DAMAGE.

Good things happen when bar fights break out in space, when Warren Ellis goes too far, when Thor talks to himself, when Jack of Fables does what he does and when the JLA talks it out. Plus "Buck Rogers," "Supergirl" and more.

Following last week's retrospective on one of the great comic book creators of the Modern era, Tim interviews Bernie Mireault about the artist's career and gets an exclusive look at his upcoming graphic novel.

If comic books were to eschew the direct market to go the route of digital distribution, where would that leave today's burgeoning cover artist industry? What might replace them? Would comic book packaging simplify itself?

Lots of stuff this week, including behind-the-scenes details on the LXG movie settlement, a look at the US version of "No Heroics," why a new Sandman series didn't happen, an Obama/Cerebus cover, Melvin Van Peebles comes to comics and more!

Following the 20th Anniversary of his store, Comix Experience owner Brian Hibbs reflects back on what it's taken to survive all these years and how things have changes. Plus, a visit to NYC comic shops, the Amazon fiasco and more!

Customers come and go, but some of them quite simply remain in your memories forever, whether it's because they were huge spenders, notoriously thrifty, incredibly anal or, in the case of one of Jud's, just plain unforgettable.

Megatron leads of a solid set of singles with Frank Castle doing some damage, Doctor Sauniere hulking out, Chuckles going deep, Zack Overkill doing the same and more in a winning week of new comics.

This week the return to the valley of the shadow of long form online comics; 1000 reviews in 1000 days; TV chatter, Wonder Woman, political updates and more in this week's PERMANENT DAMAGE.

This week, Tim examines the legacy of a seemingly forgotten comic book creator and looks to the intersections between Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, and that oft-unmentioned herald of the Modern: Bernie Mireault.

Deadpool has starred in at least three ongoing series at this point, but Augie's looking back at the first one, by Joe Kelly and Ed McGuinness. 12 years later, the humor holds up and the character is just as compelling.

Steve Ditko sounds off? Yup, plus more Miracle Men, Tyrese Gibson moving in to comics, the fake Art Adams reappears, the great comics bailout of 2009 and much more in this week's LYING IN THE GUTTERS.

Just barely winning with a double date that only has one guy and Matt Murdock doing the impossible in the prohibition era, a mountain of "meh" and a debilitating cold can't stop this week's reviews from coming in.

The new way for aspiring talent to prep for San Diego; delving into webcomics; 1000 reviews in 1000 days; and tons of notes, including hands in the sky, Classics Illustrated, what I share with Orson Welles, the Comics Cover Challenge and more.

Tim recalls his first convention experience as a young lad, and then braves the wilds of Albany, New York as a slightly weathered Con Pro to host a panel featuring comic book legends Herb Trimpe and Fred Hembeck.

Sure, he writes "The Incredibles" and "Irredeemable" today, but 12 years ago Mark Waid toiled in the coal mines writing "Ka-Zar" for Marvel Comics. Guess what? It's a hidden gem. Augie extols its virtues this week.

What big name creators may be joining the ranks of the JLA later this year? Rich has a clue, plus what happened to "Cloak and Dagger," a new Doctor Who one-shot, Mark Millar censors self and much more in this week's LYING IN THE GUTTERS.

After a short hiatus, ReTales returns to it's Thursday perch as Jud offers an invitation to CBR readers as he puts a face on your local comic shop and explains just what it offers you that the online retailers simply cannot.

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