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TV's original 'Sheena' dies, plus news and pictures from 'Eltingville' and 'Jeremiah,' then some 'Ghost World,' 'Blade II,' and 'Hulk' and much more.

"Noble Causes" Writer Jay Faerber has some strong words for aspiring artists out there.

Issue #1

CBR is proud to present the very first Poplife, Matt Fraction's new weekly column. What is Poplife? Find out for yourself ... click on that link!

Issue #20

Steven Grant updates you on some projects he's got coming up from Avatar Press and what it's like working with them, why Marvel's not going back to press on comics isn't a bad one, for now, and much more.

Looking for the latest on Showtime's new series, 'Jeremiah?' C2F has it this week, plus 'Eltingville Club,' 'Spider-Man' (of course), 'Fantastic Four' and much more!

CrossGen publisher Mark Alessi talks about some of the latest initiatives his company has launched and why they're good ideas for the whole industry to follow.

Big week of news with the latest on a number of Top Cow projects, plus 'Wonder Woman,' 'Daredevil,' and 'Elektra' developments and preview images from the animated 'Lady Death' and a new 'Spider-Man' video game.

Issue #19

Does reading comics books make you smarter? Plus, a grammar lesson, 'The Count of Monte Cristo,' 'Oz,' plus reviews of a bunch of comics you might want to check out.

Pipeline, Issue #242

Augie has your first look at The Ultimates #1. Does it live up to the expectations? Also, just how bad is this week's issue of The Punisher? Find out inside.

Comics retailer James Sime shares an interesting perspective on comics and discusses what makes a truly great comic book store.

Issue #18

A look at the exciting week Warren Ellis had, 'Funky Comics,' plus a full update on some exciting projects Steven Grant is working on in 2002.

Lots of film news this week with the latest on Straczynski's 'Jeremiah,' 'Fathom' and 'Magdalena' news from Top Cow, 'Daredevil,' 'Elektra,' 'Volcanic Revolver' and much more.

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