CBR Exclusives

Issue #48

This week, Larry's got a little something special for those of you who've always wanted to do their own comic book, but didn't know where to start.

News on the productions of Daredvil, Elektra, and Astroboy, plus an advance look at the Blade 2 poster, a flurry of X-Men 2 news and much more.

Issue #12

Looking for something to get your favorite comic fan? Check out the Permanent Damage holiday wish list for some pointers.

Pipeline, Issue #235

With everyone else reviewing 'DK2,' Augie takes a look at some lighter comics, such as 'Mini-Marvels,' 'Superman Adventures,' and 'Sandwalk Adventures.'

Week one of Scott Morse's three week sit in The Hot Seat in which he takes a look at comics that shaped his career. This first week includes looks at GI Joe and Daredevil.

Issue #47

This week, Larry waxes nostalgic for the days when he stapled his minicomics one at a time, and shines the spotlight on a couple of guys who may or may not be "Teenagers from Mars."

The latest on Punisher film developments, Jinx and Powers big screen news, Catwoman, Blade 2, The Tick and much more!

Issue #11

An early christmas present from Steven as industry professionals answer the question "How did you break into the business?"

CBR Executive Producer shares the origin story of CBR and give's you a look back at what CBR used to look like.

Issue #46

A cannon, stout, noble cannon; off its railings and loose upon the deck. The cannon points every which way with the bounding of the sea... the cannon points this week at PREVIEWS and its import and necessity.

Issue #10

A day in the life of a freelancer. Drama, action and ... well, just read.

Shi creator Billy Tucci discusses his indie film, news on Nexus, The Hulk, new Spider-Man and Men In Black 2 images plus much more!

Writer Danny Donnovan shares a more rosy picture of the future of this industry.

Issue #45

This week, Larry cracks open the AiT/Planet Lar vault and shines the light on an Image/Motown project from 1996, "Casual Heroes."

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