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Marvel NOW! Wave 2 Arrives

The floodgates are open on Marvel NOW! Wave 2, and Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso is back to explain the story behind the creation of "Avengers" #24.NOW, "All-New Invaders" and "Inhuman."

The New 52 Has Stopped Working

Brett White really wants to like DC Comics, but the company's recent spate of decisions, talent departures and statements continue to result in a less and less DC-heavy pull list.

Drawing Lines In "X-Men: Battle of the Atom"

This week, Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso unpacks the opening installments of the new "Battle of the Atom" event describing how it impacts the worlds of Bendis, Aaron and Woods and who the real Jean Grey is.

A Few Thoughts About Ideas

This week, Ron Marz has some thoughts about ideas, including one particular idea that waited almost 20 years between origination and actual publication and the twists and turns in between.

Taking A Bite Out Of Fairy Tales

The hard-to-kill Prince Charming uses talents not involving romance or swordplay while Tony Chu's sister showcases skills that'd make Layla Miller jealous, all while DC makes comics of Wiki entries for Villains Month.

Turn Off The Hate

When it comes to making snarky comments and insulting creators under cover of the anonymity provided by the Internet, Brett White urges fans to consider the ramifications of their remarks.

I'm Pregnant

Daniel Way works himself through a bout of prepartem writer's block, explaining how the different circumstances between his daughter's birth and that of her older brother affect him on personal and professional levels.

Off Model, On Our Own at CrossGen

This week Ron Marz talks about the unique creative freedoms of working for Crossgen, who did not have editors, and the "off-model" issues that resulted in some of his favorite comics.


In his latest column, Daniel Way discusses what drives a story forward and the situation that saw him cut back on Marvel titles and work on more creator-owned projects.

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