CBR Exclusives

Issue #8

Steven Grant's first letters column in MOTO as he answers some of your questions inspired by previous columns.

Pipeline, Issue #120

Augie takes a hard look at Superman/Savage Dragon: Metropolis, then follows it with short reviews of Desperadies: Epidemic, Divine Intervention: Wildcats, Quantum & Woody, Hulk #8, Transmetropolitan #27 and Ball & Chain #1.

Issue #7

This week Steven adresses the issue why some people literally can't understand comics.

Pipeline, Issue #114

Augie starts with a review of the classic 'V for Vendetta,' then launches into modern day reviews of books like 'Sam and Twitch,' 'Deadpool,' 'Impulse,' 'New Warriors' and a behind the scenes look at Pipeline!

Is Mania down for the count?, Is Ty Templeton the next JLA writer?, DC 1999 Toys previewed on-line, Captain Crafty's new crisis

Issue #6

Steven Grant elightens frustrated writers with why an editor will publish someone elses

DC/Wildstorm News, Moore to stay with Lee, Captain America and Bucky reunited, Blade shockwave nets raves

Issue #5

What can the comic industry learn from the WWF? Read Steven Grant's latest column to find out what.

Larsen & Veitch confirm DC/Wildstorm deal, Liefeld's Mark redone, Crisis one-shot not in new collection

DeFalco on MC-2, Kelly on Kelly and the X-Men, Busiek, Dorkin on Eisner success, Paul Chadwick's upcoming work, Overstreet lists fan sites

Issue #4

Steven Grant tackles the concept of grim'n'gritty in comics, it's beginnings and why it doesn't work as well today.

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