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Marvel shuts up next December, why Simonson won't play the "who's stronger" game, Heidi McDonald's most important tip on breaking into comics, Supergirl goes to the mall

It's official: JLA on Cartoon Network. Also: Spidey set reports, Eltingville update, Tales of the Zombie update and more!

Issue #78

A quick follow up to reaction to Steven's last column, plus a manifesto. Well, sorta.

"Blackjack" writer arrives in Gotham with "Orpheus Rising," Dark Horse to send fan to San Diego, Azzarello and the n-word

Issue #2

Larry reacts to the recent Spider-Man news and gives Marvel some free marketing ideas.

Humberto Ramos goes "Out There," Powers/Madman crossover announced, "Batman Beyond" spin-off debuts next week

Spider-Man: The Costume. Beau Smith goes Ape! Hulk gets puny director. Dan Dare's voice and more!

Issue #77

Steven asks the question, is the fictional Lex Luthor as U.S. President really scarier than what we've got coming up in the real world?

Back in Black (Ops): Allred on all things "X-Force," Mike Carey's sympathy for the devil, Rosemann responds to Weinberg about "Cable"

Issue #1

Larry Young begins his new column here at CBR, Loose Cannon, with a bit of an introduction and a discussion of the "New Expert."

Alonso on all-new "X-Force," "Asterix" possibly ending, "Danger Girl" spin-off delayed

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