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COMIC WIRE EXTRA 'Over 20 years since I started this project,' Busiek, Pérez to do 'JLA/Avengers' miniseries

Giffen locks and loads with "Suicide Squad," Geoff Johns on the once and future Hawkman, preview: "JSA" #23

Issue #83

Everything you wanted to know about pitching your work at conventions, but were afraid to ask - and top editors give the answers you were afraid to hear

The Eltingville Club collects a director. The Men In Black get a jackass. John Constantie may get an accent. You get a peek at ShiGI.

Disclaimer" >Disclaimer

Gail calls in sick, and industry unknowns MARK WAID and TOM PEYER fill in on this week's Yabs, showing an alternate version of a beloved Bat-program!

WildStorm gets funky with "Bay City Jive," Millionaire to do "Sock Monkey" children's book, Giffen to write new "Suicide Squad" book

Issue #7

Do you love comics? So does Larry Young; here's exactly why. Plus, a visit to the principal's office, comic book conventions, and Avengers #119.

Simone and Hernandez out for blood in "Killer Princesses," artist Scott Kolins talks "The Flash," Barry Windsor-Smith returns to Marvel

Zen makes a new movie deal. The Tick meets his maker. Be an extra on The Road to Perdition and Spider-Man. Lots more!

Issue #82

Conventions: job opportunities or peeing in the wind? Comics' greatest editors give you the straight poop in today's MOTO.

Oeming nails Norse myth in "Hammer of the Gods," getting down and dirty with Jon Lewis' "True Swamp," a "Just Imagine ..." update, preview: "Hammer of the Gods" #2

Issue #6

A most curious tale in which we find the comic book industry to be like a dead cat.

Adam Hughes talks "Wonder Woman" and "Tomb Raider," Mariotte and Severin ride out with "Desperadoes," Marvel announces X-Men character line-up

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