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Pipeline2, Issue #98

A look at Mike Wieringo's first issue of 'Adventures of Superman' leads a lineup of reviews including 'Ministry of Space,' 'Young Justice,' and more.

The rise and fall and rise of "Empire," would an "Alias" by any other name smell as sweet, Marvel flirts with breaking up with the CCA

Issue #93

A rose by any other name... saves nine? Huh? What's this got to do with Darwin and comics?

Jay Stephens talks about the "Tutenstein" animated show. Progress on "Iron Fist" and "From Hell". No progress for "Light and Darkness" and "The Black Pearl". Spider-man, Batman, more!

Bendis' "Alias" kicks off Marvel Comics mature readers line, "Too Much Coffee Man" gets super-sized

Issue #17

This week we see exactly why Larry loves comics and how the "new deal" comes to the forefront. And no mention of the winner of "Survivor," because, frankly, Lar's a little steamed Elisabeth got voted off so soon.

Jeph Loeb frolics with Fatal Five and talks "Daredevil: Yellow" and "Our Worlds at War," Greg Horn's "Elektra" cover story

Issue #92

Why do the birds go on singing? Why do the seas rush to shore? Don't they know it's the end of the world? Find out, in this week's MOTO.

Bill Todman talks about the Green Arrow movie. Werewolf By Night stalks Hollywood writers. Too Much Coffee Man, Spider-Man and More!

Disclaimer" >Disclaimer

In a world of uncertainty, it's nice to know that you can be sure that nothing in this installment of BUZZLINE even APPROACHES truthfullness!

No surprises at Harvey Awards, no new "New Warriors" on horizon, Quesada does new 11 page story

Pipeline In Pittsburgh: Part 1

Augie's on the road in beautiful Pittsburgh, PA, for the annual Pittsburgh Comicon. In today's special edition of Pipeline he recounts his first day at the con plus images of the folks he ran into.

Pipeline2, Issue #96

Augie looks at some favorite books from the past, Marvel's 'Damage Control' and 'FightMan' by Evan Dorkin, plus a look at Tom DeFalco's "The M@N." ATTENTION! Be sure to return Saturday and Sunday for Augie's Pittsburgh Con daily journal with pictures from the show!

Issue #16

There's a fifth taste that most aren't aware of and Larry's found that comics could use a dash of it, plus Mike Brennan's 'Electric Girl' gets a looking at.

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