CBR Exclusives

Issue #5

Tony takes a look at the classic hardcore action manga series "Fist of the North Star." But, with the publisher of the series currently on hiatus, what does it mean for fans of the manga?

Issue #178

Steven talks about a long whispered project of his, "Videoactive," that fell apart and gives you a rare, inside look at the now abandoned script for the book and what happened along the way.

Pipeline, Issue #401

Augie examines the return of 'Grimjack' this week. It's also time for a couple of meme thoughts and a new French artist of the week. Updated 2/16/05 with Pipeline Podcast #7.

Issue #27

Joe and Matt explore those rare events in comics known as "The Definitive Run." There's a number worth discussing, but the guys wonder if it's even possible for such a thing to exist these days in comics.

As Rich heads back to the United Kingdom from his quick visit to the States he's prepared an abbreviated Lying In the Gutters for you with a look at the covers to "Hunter-Killer" #2, a "Darkness: Black Sails" preview, an update on the missing "Captain Britain" page, a new series from Marvel and more. Updated

Issue #50

James bring you some Comic Pimp love on Valentines Day with a new column and the answer to the question, "What is the coolest thing ever to happen in you store?" Plus, couriers jumping, a Martin Emond sketchbook gallery and more.

Issue #177

Steven hits that stack of books to review this week with a look at manga books like "xxxHOLIC," "Tsubasa," and "Mobile Suit Gundam Seed," plus looks at "Plastic Farm," "Daisy Kutter," "Point Pleasant" and others. Then it's time for another look at reader e-mail and much more.

Issue #26

Joe & Matt sit down to discuss Stan Lee's recent appearance on "60 Minutes II" and what the ongoing Stan Lee v Marvel case means for the image and history of the House of Ideas.

Pipeline, Issue #400

This week, Augie takes a look at Mark Millar's first two "Spider-Man" trades, as well as the Robert Kirkman-penned "Tales of the Realm." Updated 2/8/05 - Pipeline Podcast #6 now online.

Stephanie Fierman makes her mark at DC, an early look at "Silent Hill: Paint It Black," more on the "Wha' Huh?" delays, Ed Brubaker's new exclusive, Ultimate Golf and much more. Updated 11:10 AM Pacific Time - Silvestri Rumor Killed

Issue #4

This week Tony takes a look at the funny side of Manga with Eiji Nonaka's hillarious "Cromartie High School." "Cromartie High School" follows an honor roll student named Takashi Kamiyama who's enrolled in one of the worst high schools in Tokyo.

Issue #176

Steven starts out his column with two simple words: free porn. What does it mean? How does it apply to comics? And will you actually get free porn by reading the column? Click on in to find out.

Pipeline, Issue #399

Augie gives you an advance review of three new trades shipping this week. "Small Gods," "PVP Reloaded," and "Couriers 03" get the treatment. Updated 2/2/05 with the latest Pipeline Podcast.

Issue #25

Joe and Matt sit down to look at the current comics zeitgeist. Inspired by a passage from a Grant Morrion introduction in the "Flash: Born To Run" trade, the two talk about the current trends in comics and how they mirror trends seen in the '90s. Where is this all taking us?

The alternate cover for "Intimates" #4 you won't be seeing any time soon, Bryan Lee O'Malley's "Scott Pilgrim" feature may have a director, possible kinks with the "Transformers" license, Dave Sim's letter to retailers about "Cerebus" price increases, "Watchmen" film news and much more. Updated 2/2/05

Issue #49

James takes a look at the future of Image with a long spotlight on the June debuting Image Comics series "Strange Girl," by Rick Remender and Eric Nguyen. Definitely something you won't want to miss.

Issue #175

Steven talks about DC's recently cancelled titles and what it really means versus typical fan reaction, plus a look at how the launch of "Birds of Prey" is an interesting example of a new title being launched well. And much more.

Issue #24

This week Joe & Matt take a look at the "comics blogosphere." What influence did it have and what influence does it have today? What role will it play in the future of comics? Find out what the guys think in this week's Basement Tapes.

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