CBR Exclusives

Issue #2

In which Torres talks to Jamie S. Rich of Oni Press about cursing teenage girls, the number of place settings at his table and why Simon from 'American Idol' is a good role model for editors…

Issue #87

What did Marvel do to capitalize on 'X2?' Talking comic contracts. What the various television networks are planning for next season. The best Spam of the week. Much more!

Pipeline, Issue #309

So, is a trade paperback a graphic novel? Is a graphic novel a reprint, or is it an original? And when something is called a hardcover, is that original work or a reprint? Confused? So's Augie, but he tries to make sense of all these designations in this week's Pipeline.

Marvel's launch of the Epic line may have consequences for other publishers and publications. What might they be? Taking sides at DC. Issues of 'Tomb of Dracula' you won't be seeing reprinted. The latest Batman rumors and much more.

Issue #1

In which Torres talks to himself (not to mention refers to himself in the third person) as he introduces his new community-building, professional development, creative exchange column…

Issue #86

A look back on how Steven spent his Free Comic Book Day and what X-Books should a new comic fan look at who enjoyed 'X2.' Plus, more lessons that comics can learn from the problems facing the WWE, reviews of 'Rex Mundi,' 'Vertigo Pop: Bangkok' and much more.

Pipeline, Issue #308

Like many others, Augie's inner fanboy was released by the new X-Men movie. He discusses it here. Plus, a variety of reviews from 'Ruse' to 'Batman.'

What's happening with Rucka and Clark's 'Felon' at Top Cow? Some interesting developments there, plus a possible major cross-over for DC by Grant Morrison, what comes after 'Batman: Hush,' who'll be the new writer on 'Avengers' and much more.

No one is safe from the demonic lure of internet journaling! Beware the blog in this week's special limited-edition, blink and you'll miss it, YABS!

Issue #85

Sure, it's only May, but what does Grant want for Christmas? 'The Complete George Metzger.' But you won't find it in any comic book store. And what other industry is suffering the same problem with sales that the comic industry does?

Augie reviews a collection of columns written by 'Groo's' Mark Evanier, then offers a hodge podge of commentary from writing tips to where you can hear his voice on the web.

What's DC's poilicy on promotion for Mark Millar's "Red Son?" Are they helping to promote the book, or are they deliberately not? Millar talks to Johnston about the situation. Plus, a Marvel related domain name offers up porn, Byrne's 'JLA,' Liefeld announces final shipping dates for 'Youngblood Bloodsport' and 'Alias' and other fine rumors. Updated with Image news and Johns on 'Avengers'

It's another week of Condensed Comics Classic at YABS by the likes of Johns, Diggle, Morse, Staples, Templeton, Jemas, Palmiotti, Rucka, Zimmerman, Johnston, Marz, Joines, Wright, Taylor, Lash, Niles, Millar, Austen, McTigue, McKeever, Casey, Nicieza, Vaughan, Moore, Murphy and McCann.

Issue #84

It's the all comics issue of Permanent Damage with some thoughts on the two top comic award ceremonies, the Eisner and Harvey Awards, a look at Marvel V. Sony, opinionated comic creators and a hadfull of reviews.

Pipeline, Issue #306

If you're interested in writing a comic book script for Epic, but don't know which format to use, this is the Pipeline you must read. Augie presents plenty of options.

Publishing plans for Mark Waid's 'Empire,' Millar talks 'Wanted,' 'Dragon Lance' to get comic'd, a load of 'X-Men' rumors, an artist goes off and much more.

You'll All Be Sorry returns for a limited engagement, so get your tickets today! Today we present phase three of the Readers Digest Condensed Comics Classics, where top creators boil down your favorite characters and series to their essence.

Issue #83

Some thoughts on the creators behind the upcoming 'Bulletproof Monk' and how they've been treated now that their work is on film, Steven opens the mail bag and addresses some thoughts you've all brought up recently, reviews of books from Viz and Future Comics, plus much more.

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