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Comics 2 Film Extra

Comics 2 Film Extra: 20th Century Fox and Chris Carter have changed their position regarding who created the TV show "Harsh Realm."

Issue #26

The comic companies have been waging a quiet war for about 20 years, but now the war is over.

Issue #104

A huge week of news for X-Men movie fans, plus the latest on Bone, Batman Beyond, Batman 5, Deadworld and much more!

Classic YABS In this weeks YABS "something what goes on in a comic store after dark."

Issue #8

Warren Ellis brings you part 2 of his Iceland Trip, including what comic fans are really like in Iceland and turning comic reading into a religious act.

Issue #25

The following sentence from today's MOTO describes this column best: In comic books, the art exists in service to the story.

Issue #103

The latest on comics headed to Hollywood with news on Torso, Witchblade, Wonder Woman, X-Men, Spider-Man and more!

We're all familiar with Scott McClouds's "Understanding Comics,' but what about his follow up work, "Understanding Understanding Comics."

Issue #7

The Iceland trip, part one. Heathrow airport, cell phones, scandinavians and getting pissed drunk. Oh, and what it all has to do with comics.

Issue #102

The latest news on Lady Death: The Animated Movie with an exclusive look at production stills, plus news on X-Men, Spider-Man, Witchblade and much more.

Issue #24

It's time for comic fans, retailers and professionals to take this industry and it's fandom seriously, or things will never change.

Pipeline, Issue #136

Augie discusses the reasons for replacing spandex with leather in comic book-related movies, and then gives a bunch of negative reviews to current comics.

How can you, the fan, affect the publishing of comics? Warren tells you how and it's not that difficult. Read how to be heard.

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