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Issue #200

On the occasion of his 200th column (four years of Permanent Damage) Steven spends some time discussing this past weekend's Comic-Con International in San Diego, he looks back on a project he tried to get off the ground in 1983 and much more.

Rich takes a look at DC's next weekly comic called "52," updates where "Sleeper" lays in the world of Hollywood, a "V for Vendetta" movie script review, pick yourself up a bit of Dreamwave, signs of a cow and much more.

Augie finishes up his daily con reports with a look at Sunday, including yet another delayed flight. Even on the fourth day of Comic-Con International , there's something new to be found.

SDCC - Day 3

Augie checks in with his Day 3 Comic-Con International Report which includes a look at four different panels, a report about what he saw on the convention floor and much more!

SDCC - Day 2

Augie hits the convention floor Friday at Comic-Con International in San Diego and spends a lot of time name dropping, breaks in his new sketchbook and hits Artists Alley for original art.

SDCC 2005, Day 0

Augie checks in with his Day 0 con report that's not exactly a con report! His travels out to the west were an adventure of waiting and more waiting, but he does fit in a review of "The Murder of Abraham Lincoln" and offers up a podcast of the sounds of San Diego.

SDCC - Day 1

Augie checks in with his day one Comic-Con International report. What did he do? Who did he meet? And what did he think of the Padres/Diamondbacks game at Petco Park? Did he actually catch a foul ball? Read on to find out.

Issue #199

Steven takes a look at the secrets Comic-Con International holds for visits, then he offers a schematic of the end times, notes from under the floor boards and more.

Pipeline, Issue #422

Augie takes a long hard took at the programming schedule for this week's Comic-Con Inernational in San Diego. Plus, early reviews for two of Image's releases this week, "Zombie King" #0 and "The Ride" TPB.

Issue #45

Joe & Matt check in to talk about, you guessed it, Comic-Con International in San Diego. Find out what their thoughts are on the show and see what books they recommend you pick up while you're there.

Rich checks in with what you can expect to hear more about at Comic-Con International this week, plus who the new writer might be on "Daredevil," DC job postings, the "V" issue, DC editorial, some "Fantastic" investment advice and much more.

Issue #16

This week Tony brings a bit of high tension medical drama mixed with tales of revenge and a little sci-fi to Manga Island with Akihito's Yoshitomi's "Ray."

Issue #44

The comic book hype machine. Comics publishers have figured out now to hype their latest, greatest projects as if it were some kind of science. But is all this hype actually helping or hurting? And could the hype machine actually be coming to an end?

Issue #198

Steven gets back to the "Creating Comics Step By Step" series with Step 9: Art, part 1. Then, he takes a look at a whole load of different comics including "Life's a Bitch," "Scream Queen," "Licensable Bear," "Firestorm" and others, plus much more.

Pipeline, Issue #421

Augie explains why he was disappointed with "X-Men: Phoenix Endsong," thrilled by another collection of "The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck," and entertained by the genre-mashing of "The Black Forest."

Rich is back with the results of the recent vote on what kind of column you'd like to see from him. Which style won? Look inside to find out, plus a look at marketing at a major publisher, working with beer, a little bit of Bwa-ha-ha-ha and much more.

Issue #197

Steven Grant takes a look at the connections the mob has to early comics with Gerard Jones' "Men of Tomorrow," reader e-mail, a load of reviews including "Zombie Tales," "ZigZag," "Skyscrapers of the Midwest," "The Black Diamond" and others, plus much more.

Issue #43

Let's call this one "That '70s Column." Joe & Matt take a trip back to visit the comics produced during the 1970s. What was good? What can be learned from these classics from comics' recent past? Look inside to find out.

Pipeline, Issue #420

Augie looks at two recent light-hearted comics that you have to read ("Dream Police" & "Marvel Adventures Spider-Man"), along with the latest art book from Michel Gagne and a second look at "Blade of the Immortal."

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