CBR Exclusives

Issue #4

Robert answers the question everyone's been asking, "Do you or do you not like Brian K. Vaughan?" Confused? Look inside for an explanation. Then shares a big ol' review of "The Walking Dead" #22 (with minor spoilers).

Augie continues to read through his stack of stuff, and comes up with "New Avengers," "Ferro City," and the new edition of "Youngblood" #1.

Issue #51

Joe & Matt look at the biggest thing to hit the comics market in years, "All-Star Batman & Robin The Boy Wonder." Was it as good as the hype? Or did it disappoint horribly? What does it say about the "All-Star" line?

Rich has the new hire in DC's Marketing Department, UK ProCon back on, the current state of APC, Marvel selling comics in the UK, following up on last week's "Ascend" story, shake-up at Devil's Due and much more.

Issue #3

Have you ever been a fan of a comics creator that your friends thought was awful? Erik shares the story of one such creator who seriously affected his comics fandom from an early age.

Issue #205

Steven Grant visit's Disneyland in Southern California and discusses the cultural significance of what Walt built, plus reviews of "Love & Rockets," "Solstice," "The Dreamland Chronicles," "Dead West" and much, much more.

This week Robert gives you all sorts of pretty preview art to look at from "Marvel Team-Up" #12, plus explains exactly how, with his schedule, he can fit a weekly column into his schedule and no, it's not always easy.

Rich takes a look at the current state of Roger & Pat Lee's new company Dream Engine, a "Crisis" of conversation, where you can catch Simon Bisley's band playing, "The Walking Dead" gets the Omnibus treatment, a look at John Byrne's "Action" work and much more.

Joe asks the question, "...are we at that point where new creators have to be great right out of the gate?" And off Matt and Joe go, looking at whether the comics indusrty actually nurtures new talent these days.

Augie dips into his backlog of reading materia, and reviews them as he reads them. This week, he reviews twenty comics, including "Gravity," "NitroGen," "Ravenous," "Invincible" and 16 others.

Issue #2

Erik comes at you this week with a mish-mosh of topics, including a look at comics he's recently picked up, two comics he heaps much praise upon ("Street Angel" & "Scott Pilgrim"), the book not published by Image he'd like to collect and much, much more.

Issue #19

Harold Sakuishi sends us to rock and roll Japanese high school in "Beck." With realistic guitars,high school drama and comedy, and a patchwork dog thrown into the mix, "Beck" delivers a page turning tale of growing up. Rockers, students, and rocker/students past and present should turn it up to 11 and jam to this week's Calling Manga Island.

Issue #204

This week, Steven takes a look at what the world of bloggers has to offer the comics community and a look at a select few for your reading pleasure.

Issue #2

Robert returns with his second column to talk about one Cory Walker and how meeting Cory online years ago helped get Robert Kirkman where he is today and the lessons that can be learned from that experience for those of you interested in making comics a career.

Issue #49

Joe & Matt sit down to talk writing superheroes. They get down into it, taking a look at the recent trend where the hero of the story is more passive than active and how some of what we forgive in comics writing would never be allowed in novels, television or film.

A busy week with "House of M" news, the party scene during Chicago, "Ultimates" news, the print-to-order controversy is back, C.B. Cebulski's upcoming creator owned projects, the picture controversy and much more. Updated

Issue #1

Image Comics co-founder and Publisher Erik Larsen joins the CBR ranks today with the debut issue of his new, weekly column. What does he have in store for you today? Well, we're not going to spoil it. Click on inside and you'll discover ONE FAN'S OPINION.

Issue #1

It's the first ever edition of Robert Kirkman's BUY MY BOOKS. Robert starts out by introducing the column to readers, as well as filling in those of you who aren't familiar with him just who he is. Come on in, take a read. You might learn a thing or two you didn't know before.

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