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Issue #7

"Hey, you sure do write a lot of comics?" Yeah, Robert hears that a lot these days and right when he thought he was going to get some quiet time, something else comes up.

Issue #54

Warren Ellis has quite a history with the Internet. His new discussion site, THE ENGINE, is the writer's forray into the world of online communities. Joe & Matt take a look at Warren's latest online experiment.

Pipeline, Issue #432

Augie reaches the end of The Short Box Chronicles. This column has 15 new reviews of books like "Wha...Huh?," "Banana Sunday," "Powers," "Fell," "House of M" and more.

Rich takes a further look at the changes to Diamond's New Publisher terms, Chris Weston does the Rockstar (art) thing and talks about it, the unlikely inker who's being stolen from, John Bryne vs. Wikipedia, a guide to Morrison's "Seven Soldiers" mini's and much more.

Issue #6

Erik takes you inside Image Comics to discuss the kinds of submissions they get and if you've ever sent one, you need to read this column. Then, what brought around the collapse of the comics industry in the '90s? Could it have been one of comics' greatest icons? Plus much more. Updated

Issue #21

Two manga heavyweights team up for a tale of time travel, love, bloodshed, and sacrifice in "King of Wolves" from Dark Horse. What do you get when you combine the art of Kentaro Miura ("Berserk") and the storytelling of Buronson ("Fist of the North Star")? A great one-shot manga for fans of shonen action and historical drama.

Issue #208

Steven takes a look at the two potentially big stories from the past week, then he throws down the penciler gauntlet, takes a look at the events of New Orleans with an open letter to Michael Moore and much more.

Issue #6

Robert checks in this week with some thoughts on Image Comics Publisher Erik Larsen and why "Savage Dragon" is a book all comic book fans should, no, need to be reading and what can be learned from watching that series unfold.

Pipeline, Issue #431

The Short Box Chronicles continues with looks at mini-series "The Twilight Experiment" and "Ocean," as well as recent runs of "The Amazing Spider-Man" and "Daredevil" and plenty more.

Issue #53

If you've spent any time catching up on the classic Marvel stories written by Stan Lee in the '60s, you know the man had his own inimitable style. But what exactly were the tools he used to engage the reader? And could those tools still be used today?

Changes at Diamond Comics Distibutors affect small-press publishers and Rich takes an extended look at what it means for them, plus what's all the kissing about in "Noble Causes," changing lineups for future DC Comics titles, a "Daredevil: Target" update and much, much more. Updated

Issue #5

Erik discusses the realistic portayal of our favorite heroes in printed form and on the big screen and when it does and doesn't work in both mediums. How important is reality in comics? In movies?

Issue #5

Robert gives you an interesting assortment of eye candy to look at this week, but with few clues as to who they're by or what they're for (although in some cases it's pretty obvious).

Issue #207

Steven returns to his "Creating Comics Step By Step" series with a look at the job of the penciler, plus some thoughts on what happened in the American South and what the future holds.

Pipeline, Issue #430

Augie looks ahead to November's new comics, including a lot of Marvel trade paperback oldies, and an extended review of Oni's new "Local" series coming in November.

Issue #52

How do you balance writing for the mainstream, maintain a career, hold on to your integrity and enjoy yourself, all at the same time? One of their own stands up and answers the hard questions and Joe & Matt react to her comments.

So, what connection does pop star Robbie Williams have to DC's All Star line? You might be surprised to find out. Plus, "Clerks" makes a comic book comeback, Pascual Ferry speaks out about being taken off "Mister Miracle," the future of "Plastic Man," what's up with "Acme Novelty Library" and much more. Updated

Issue #4

"Your old stuff was better." Five words that can destroy a writer or artist in comics. But today's new stuff becomes tomorrow's old stuff and Erik takes a look at some creators from years past he loved and who he's keeping an eye on now.

Issue #20

This week we explore the monolithic cyber-labyrinths below Manga Island with Tsutomo Nihei's "Blame!" Known for his work on the Wolverine "Snikt" comic, Tokyopop now brings us "Blame!" and Nihei's unique style to manga shelves.

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