CBR Exclusives

Issue #19

Ever wonder what the homes of some of your favorite comic creators look like? Millar tells all when he reveals the insides of the homes lived in by Quesada, Waid, Hitch, Layman, Barrucci and Lee.

Issue #48

Matt examines the ages and movements in comics since the late eighties, taking a look at what we've done and where this industry will naturally go next. Are we in the age of Garage Comics?

Issue #69

What was the Big Story in the comics industry in 2002? Plus, the rise of the small publisher, reviews of the first 'CSI' comic, 'Comic Book Artist' and much more.

Pipeline #291

Pipeline's Top Ten List for 2002 is finished here. Click here to see which series captured Augie's interest the most in the last year.

It's a busy column this week filled with Marvel scheduling plans, Jeph Loeb snapping and Jeff Mariotte making a switch, another round with Quesada and David, Manga Wars, Miracleman scuttle, the 'Daredevil' film arrives early in the U.K. and much more!

Pipeline 2, Issue #183

In March, many of the treasures to be had in comic stores will be the items mentioned in the second half of the latest Previews catalog. Pipeline takes a look.

Issue #18

The real world we live in and the fictional world of super-heroes are meeting in very strange ways and when it happens, we will be the only ones truly prepared. How so? Read on.

Issue #68

Steven takes a look back on his year professionally and how 2003 is shaping up, a look at the year in politics and television in 2002, plus reviews of '30 Days of Night,' 'Metallix,' and 'Uzumaki,' the book Steven says 'might be the finest horror comic ever done.'

The Comics2Film Year In Review features the top events of 2002, plus news on 'Martin Mystere,' 'Teen Titans,' 'Justice League,' 'The Leage of Extraordinary Gentlemen' and more.

Issue #47

During the downtime allowed by the holidays Matt explores the world of cinema in books with some important paralles for the comics industry.

Pipeline #290

Augie begins his annual Top Ten list for books in the year 2002. This week, he looks at the first three titles to make the list, as well as some others that just missed.

Issue #17

Mark presents his best of list from 2002 with categories covering Best Scoop, Series, New Series, Movie, Column, Editor, Artist, Writer and Company.

Rich Johnston presents the 2003 Rumor Awards, looking back on the biggest news and rumors from the year 2002. Which one was the biggest? What was the greatest visual of the year? Rich has 'em all for you.

Rob Worley brings you the latest casting news on 'Hellboy' with an update from director Guillermo del Toro, plus the latest on 'Major Damage,' 'The Punisher,' 'Justice Leageu,' 'Hulk,' 'X-Men 2' and MUCH more!

Issue #46

Matt travels home for Christmas and pays tribute to Joe Strummer of 'The Clash.'

Issue #67

Steven's been a busy guy behind the scenes and clues you in on what to expect from him in 2003 with previews of 'X-Men Unlimited,' 'Suckers,' 'Whisper: Day X,' 'Red Sunset,' 'Ommyoji,' and 'Badlands II.'

Rich brings you a very special Christmas present today and only today. Once Christmas is over this special column will not be found on the site. Not in the archives. Not at all. So, click now to read 'A Very George Lucas Christmas.'

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