CBR Exclusives

Issue #25

Warren expands on his comments from last week in an interview with Richard Davies of Red Route, a British distribution house.

The week we have a first look at "G-Men From Hell", a sneak peek at "Rat Bastard" and some exciting news about "The Tick". More!

Issue #42

Steven reacts to Marvel's recent announcements regarding the future of the company and doesn't hold back!

Pipeline, Issue #154

Augie covers a diverse field from The Comics Buyer's Guide to Buffy the Vampire Slayer to the Batman Eighty Page Giant. Also, find out how you can appear in Friday's Pipeline2!

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YABS Flashback! What if Gail was a Marvel Knights writer? Gail takes on one of Marvel's greatest heroes in today's YABS.

Issue #24

Warren discusses the work of Dave Sim's Cerebus and shares the unique promotional campaign Sim is waging to increase awareness of his book. Comics retailers read this column.

Platinum Studios talks about Barry Ween! Sneak a peek at Witchblade, Diabolik and Fat Dog Mendoza! Spider-Man heats up! Edlund Ticks off details. More, more, MORE!

Issue #41

The inherent silliness of comics, it's evolution and why silly comics are rarely silly.

Issue #23

Warren urges you to pre-order your books through Previews and offers suggestions for three books you should be looking at.

The guys at Platinum Studios spill on Prime, Nathan Never and Million Dollar Heroes. Mai fast-tracked! A Heavy Metal TV update. X-Men up the Wah-ZOO!

Issue #40

Steven discusses the negative fan reaction when an established creator breaks new ground by going out on their own using Warren Ellis' recent announcements as an example.

Pipeline, Issue #152

This week, Augie celebrates one full year of Pipeline at CBR with a heap of reviews,including the latest issues of Action Comics, Thunderbolts, Top Ten, X-Force, and more!

Gail takes a week off from YABS (seriously) and a comics pro fills in for her, prefering only to be credited as "Elvis Nixon."

Pipeline2, Issue #47: Art Week

This week, Pipeline looks at three comics and analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of their art. It's sequential storytelling lessons with JUDGE, Batman: Gotham Knights, and X-Man as the textbooks.

Issue #22

It's a bit of "Warren Ellis: The Lost Episodes" as he gives you a look at something that was supposed to see print, but didn't.

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