CBR Exclusives

Issue #4

In which we find out exactly what a Minister of Propaganda does, and what the most important feature of a comic shop is.

Wolfman on how to bring back Barry Allen in a "Flash," Totleben illustrates Ultimate Man-Thing, Dixon outlines 2001 plans

Issue #79

Steven recounts a writing seminar he took with Jim Steranko many years ago and gives a bit of his own in this edition of MOTO.

Screenwriter John Turman talk about Iron Fist. An inside look at the Mutant X and Withcblade TV Shows. Lady Death animated feature update. Much more!

Updated! Millar moves to America for Marvel, Peyer on new "Authority" figures and the last moments of "Hourman," twice upon a time for "Castle Waiting," "Catwoman" art team comes together, Preview: Castle Waiting #4

Issue #3

In which we find "My God, it's full of stars" takes on a double meaning while wearing spacesuits in Los Angeles.

Marvel shuts up next December, why Simonson won't play the "who's stronger" game, Heidi McDonald's most important tip on breaking into comics, Supergirl goes to the mall

It's official: JLA on Cartoon Network. Also: Spidey set reports, Eltingville update, Tales of the Zombie update and more!

Issue #78

A quick follow up to reaction to Steven's last column, plus a manifesto. Well, sorta.

"Blackjack" writer arrives in Gotham with "Orpheus Rising," Dark Horse to send fan to San Diego, Azzarello and the n-word

Issue #2

Larry reacts to the recent Spider-Man news and gives Marvel some free marketing ideas.

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