CBR Exclusives

"Silky Warrior Tansie" rumbles to a close, Joker's unkindest cuts online, LSH's White Witch and Supergirl's Blithe seperated at birth?

Issue #51

Warren discusses Joe Quesada's open challenge to Todd McFarlane to return to drawing comics and Todd and TMP's current status in the marketplace today.

Pérez on move to CrossGen, DeFalco heads to Image, Marvel trade paperback plans for new year, Dezago talks "Tellos" 2001

Ya like Spider-Man? We got Spider-Man right here. Lots and lots of Spider-Man. It's all about the Spider.

Issue #74

The year 2000 was supposed to be a good one for the comic industry. Steven Grant takes a current look at the industry and examines what effect the closing of StanLee.net might have.

Jimenez shakes up "Wonder Woman," Palmiotti to leave "Deadpool," the second coming of "Battle Pope"

Issue #50

Warren Ellis takes a look at the works of Alan Moore you may have overlooked.

Pipeline2, Issue #77

Augie takes a sneak peak at 'Ultimate X-Men #1'. Plus, reviews of 'Black Widow' and 'Scene of the Crime'. Plus: a look at some interesting covers of the recent past.

Priest talks 'Black Panther,' fourth Ultimate Marvel book in 2001, DC's first publisher dies

The casting of Mary Jane in the Spider-Man film has been announced and get the latest on Astro Aces, Jeremiah, The Eltingville Club, Tutenstein and Jetcat. Much more!

Issue #72

Pop. Its meaning and how it applies to comics, or doesn't. And what we can learn from the true Pop of the past.

Axel Alonso talks leaving Vertigo for the web of Spider-Man, Ed Brubaker on what happens after 'Deadenders' end, whatever happened to 'Wonder Woman vs. Xena,' 'Gear Station'

Mike Carey gets Fury-ious, a new Warrior Nun, Busiek on classic nature of the Avengers

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