CBR Exclusives

Issue #42

An follow-up on the Cattle Call issue raised last week, the Pledge of Allegiance, Martha Stewart, some Coming Attractions and more, as you'd expect from Mr. Grant.

The latest news from hollywood on Matt Busch's 'Crisis,' Mike Allred's 'G-Men From Hell,' 'Men In Black II' (out today!), an 'X-Men 2' trailer, 'Birds of Prey' pictures and much more!

Pipeline, Issue #264

CrossGen starts up two new lines of comics. Marvel gets more desperate for attention. DC sends mixed messages. And Augie has something to say about all of it.

It's the official launch of Rich Johnston's new Lying in the Gutters and this first issue is chock full of stories. Here's some titles to tease you with: 'Is Tibet the new Gay?' 'Ennis and Robertson on Wolverine,' 'Americans, meet Big Dave,' 'Andrews on Ultimate X-Men,' 'Frank Miller plans at DC' and much more!

Issue #21

It's either 'Poplife: The Comic' or 'Matt Fraction: The Comic.' We're not sure which. And what role does California Governor Gray Davis play in this intrigue?

While we know Rich Johnston's new rumor/gossip 'Lying in the Gutters' column wasn't set to launch until Monday, he just couldn't wait. Check out this sneak peak installment where Johnston dishes the dirt on a new creator owned imprint coming from CrossGen.

Issue #41

An examination of the book 'B. Krigstein' and the life of this revolutionary comics artist, the bad thing that's happening again in comics, the William Messner-Loebs situation and how you can really help, a welcome aboard to Rich Johnston and much more.

Couldn't get enough of that 'Lobo' footage from last week? We've got more looks as well as behind-the-scenes pictures and more from the production. There are LOADS of 'Daredevil' images and news for you to take a gander at, plus the latest on 'Fathom,' 'Road to Perdition,' 'Men In Black II' and much more.

Pipeline, Issue #263

Augie gives Ron Zimmerman a second chance with 'Spider-Man: Sweet Charity.' Also, it's time to review Chuck Dixon's last issue of 'Nightwing.' Plus, what's wrong with Azrael's ankles? Only Augie knows.

Issue #20

What Brak from 'Space Ghost' and Matt have in common, 8 and 9 panel grids in comics, a nickname for Kieron Dwyer and sitting on the porch and having a smoke.

Issue #40

Last week Steven shared with budding artists some advice on how to break into comics at San Diego. This week he's talking to you writers, inkers, colorists, letterers and even future editors. Plus, a review of 'The Bourne Identity' and much more.

C2F says, 'Bite Me, Fanboy!' That's right, a live-action 'Lobo' movie exists and we've got the pictures to prove it, plus news from 'Daredevil,' 'Hellboy,' 'X-Men 2' and much more!

Pipeline2, Issue #155

Augie finishes the week's celebration with looks back at columns dealing with hot to make comics, Pipeline milestones, long runs of comics, and more. Plus, three different comics giveaways.

PCR EXTRA, Issue #24

Augie continues his look back at Pipeline's first five years, with spotlights on trade paperback reviews, specific creators, and the unwritten columns.

Issue #19

Matt takes a look at '100%,' 'Amazing Screw-On Head,' 'Black Widow,' 'Transmetropolitan,' 'Pulp,' 'Love and Rockets' and 'La Perdida #2.'

PCR EXTRA, Issue #23

Augie begins his look back at five years of writing columns, sharing behind-the-scenes stories of convention-going and DVD watching. Also, Buzzboy drops by for a visit.

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