CBR Exclusives

Issue #106

More exclusive images from the upcoming Faust film, X-Men movie storyboards, plus news on upcoming feature films like Batman 5, Spider-Man, Asterix and much more.

Issue #28

The real life economics of working in comics. Is there money to be made in this profession?

Pipeline, Issue #140

Production quality in X-Men: The Hidden Years suffers! Storytelling 101 with Batgirl #1! And reviews of Superman #155 and Astronauts in Trouble: Space: 1959 #1!

Issue #10

The tendency for the industry (fans, retailers, publishers) to focus all their energies on new product, when the past holds gems lost forever.

Issue #105

Comics 2 Film unveils an exclusive first look at images from the 'Faust' movie. Also, an inteview with Jim Krueger about his 'Foot Soldiers' movie. News on 'Shadowman,' 'The Tick,' 'Spider-Man,' 'Batman' and more!

Issue #27

In a very special Master of the Obvious, Steven Grant remembers his friend and collaborator Gil Kane who died earlier this week. Grant reminisces about Kane's early work in the industry, times spent working together and the work that sadly won't be seen.

Issue #9

A self confessed neophile, Warren talks about "the pure manic pop thrill" one can experience reading comics by known creators

Comics 2 Film Extra

Comics 2 Film Extra: 20th Century Fox and Chris Carter have changed their position regarding who created the TV show "Harsh Realm."

Issue #26

The comic companies have been waging a quiet war for about 20 years, but now the war is over.

Issue #104

A huge week of news for X-Men movie fans, plus the latest on Bone, Batman Beyond, Batman 5, Deadworld and much more!

Classic YABS In this weeks YABS "something what goes on in a comic store after dark."

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