CBR Exclusives

A special edition Open Your Mouth featuring the "Comic Book Idol" Gallery! Updated 9/29/03 with bonus artwork from Miguel Villalobos.

Issue #21

In which Torres talks to six of the contestants who got the accolades, took the abuse, and provided us with the artwork that made "Comic Book Idol"…plus a very special gallery of artwork from the contest with numerous bonus items.

Issue #105

'What's the point in revamping old properties?' That's just one of the many question Steven asks in today's column. A discussion of the work of John Byrne and the myth that people think his work doesn't sell. A look at some new television offerings and more.

Pipeline, Issue #328

This week, Augie looks at a couple of CD releases to help aspiring comic professionals with their coloring and photo referencing. Also, CrossGen sets a ship or two filled with pirates out on the high seas.

Rich is back with loads of juicy news and rumors. What Warren Ellis project is heading to TV? Rich knows. Plus, Micah Wright takes on Gubernatorial Arnold and wins, a CrossGen financial and publishing update, 'Killer Stunts' headed to the big screen, Marvel exec's in Florida and much more.

Issue #2

James talks about why the industry badly needs more Guerrilla Marketing to promote itself and how he goes about doing it, plus a discussion of the Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics.

Issue #25

Mark Millar returns with a look at some of the best and worst film adaptations of comics ever. What did he think of Tim Burton's 'Batman?' How about the recent 'Hulk' movie? Which comic based film had a serious affect on his life? Mark tackles all of these and more.

Issue #20

In which Torres crowns the first-ever Comic Book Idol after five weeks of competition, controversy, close calls...

Issue #104.5

Steven's feeling a bit under the weather this week, but has brought out a little blast from the past for you all to consume while he's busy recovering.

Pipeline, Issue #327

Augie clears through miscellaneous points that have been sitting in his word processor this week. Click here to read his thoughts on Free Comic Book Day 3, Batman casting news, lettering and more.

Rich Johnston is still off on holiday so this week Chris Arrant checks in with a whole bunch of rumors with more details on Frank Miller's next DC project, 'Constantine' film updates, what Trent Kaniuga is up to, what Mark Millar is up to, a new 'Brit' series, DC in the manga business and much more.

Issue #1

So, what is THE COMIC PIMP? It's San Francisco retailer James Sime's new weekly column in which he turns the world of retailing on its head! In this first issue he introduces you to the world of pimping comics and pimps one of his current favorites, "Hawaiian Dick."

Issue #19

In which Torres takes away two and leaves two to tussle in the title match of "Comic Book Idol"…

Issue #102

Steven celebrates the end of his second year of Permanent Damage here at CBR with a look at some of the books that were a part of his early comic reading, plus a look at the classic Western comic "Lt. Blueberry," soon to be a major motion picture, and much more.

Pipeline, Issue #326

Augie takes a look at a handful of books including 'JLA/Avengers,' 'Trouble,' 'Formerly Known as the Justice League,' 'Superman: Birthright' and 'Transformers/G.I. Joe.'

Guest columnist Ian Ungstad fills in for Rich this week while he's on Holiday. Ian dishes the dirt and reports on rumors and addresses why a recent column of his on another Web site was pulled within less than 24 hours of being published.

Issue #18

In which Torres eliminates two more as "Comic Book Idol" moves into the final four and, finally, some sequential pages…

Issue #103

So, what's the difference between Fanboys and Professionals? That's obvious, right? Not exactly. Steven takes a look at that and also the difference between Fans and Fanboys. Plus, reader mail on manga, CrossGen, and opening a comic shop. Reviews of 'Dark Days' #2, 'The Painted War' and others.

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