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Is a 'Marvels 2' in the making? Is the success of 'Ultimate War' inspiring an X-Men/Avengers crossover? Jeph Loeb doing 'Mister Miracle?' No 'Namor #1' in the U.K.? These and many other questions are answered inside.

Issue #20

Mark asks the question who has the most difficult job in comics, the writer or the artist? The answer may seem obvious, but it's not nearly as easy a question to answer as you may think.

Issue #50

Matt follows-up on last week's column about comics activism, talking more about proper activism and outreach that actually can have an affect on the industry and how it's perceived.

The latest on productions for 'Batman: Year One,' 'Superman,' and 'Starman,' plus some news on the upcoming 'Hulk' trailer to be screened during the Super Bowl, 'X-Men' plans, what Patrick Stewart and Warren Ellis have to say about 'Transmetropolitan' and much more.

Issue #71

Do collections of serialized comics work? Steven makes an argument that they don't work all that well and gives some examples to refer to. Reviews of the latest from Future Comics and Digital Webbind, plus political and television observations.

Pipeline #293

Augie looks at comics that warn you about paper cuts, the latest addition to Image's superhero line, and some news bits of the past week.

Rich brings you the latest on 'New X-Men' and 'Uncanny X-Men' changes, divulges some details about the new Marvel teased books with some artwork, Steve Uy sounds off on the "Eden's Trail" changes, "Ghostbusters" got an artist, who won't be writing "Iron Man" and much, much more. Updated

Issue #49

In a column titled, "The One Where I Make Lots and Lots of New Friends," Matt talks about the various forms of Comics activism. Does any one specific form work? Does any of it work? Those questions are addressed with a few solutions offered.

Issue #70

Steven Grant asks, "what the hell's going on with Marvel these days?" See what observations Grant has on what Marvel is currently up to. Some thoughts from the Consumer Electronics Show, comments on new episodes of 'Oz,' 'The Shield' and '24,' plus a handful of reviews and much more.

'Felon' is on its way to being a TV series and Rob talks with Greg Rucka about the latest developments. Rob Liefeld's 'Badrock' is up as an animated series. Plus, the latest on 'Daredevil,' 'Silver Spyder,' 'The Punisher,' 'Batman: Year One' and much more.

Pipeline #292

Augie checks out the new Image series, 'Firebreather,' and tackles the subject of Marvel's cover price increases. A look at the Daredevil trailer and a special Pipeline announcement.

Another big week here at LITG as Rich digs deep concerning the 'First Wave' books at Marvel. Will the 'Ghostbusters' be the next '80s revivial? What's McFarlane doing with Miracleman? Dixon speaks out on Connor's sexual persuasion and much more. UPDATED with exclusive images from a new Alan Moore series.

Issue #19

Ever wonder what the homes of some of your favorite comic creators look like? Millar tells all when he reveals the insides of the homes lived in by Quesada, Waid, Hitch, Layman, Barrucci and Lee.

Issue #48

Matt examines the ages and movements in comics since the late eighties, taking a look at what we've done and where this industry will naturally go next. Are we in the age of Garage Comics?

Issue #69

What was the Big Story in the comics industry in 2002? Plus, the rise of the small publisher, reviews of the first 'CSI' comic, 'Comic Book Artist' and much more.

Pipeline #291

Pipeline's Top Ten List for 2002 is finished here. Click here to see which series captured Augie's interest the most in the last year.

It's a busy column this week filled with Marvel scheduling plans, Jeph Loeb snapping and Jeff Mariotte making a switch, another round with Quesada and David, Manga Wars, Miracleman scuttle, the 'Daredevil' film arrives early in the U.K. and much more!

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