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Kyle Baker does it Old Testament style in "King David," Hernandez/Simone unleash Killer Princesses onto Internet, Simone plays "Night Nurse," McCloud responds to "Penny Arcade," A Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition: Mike Brennan of "Electric Girl," preview: "King David"

A first look at Dan Dare. The truth about Luke Cage. Pat Mills shops Sha. Nic Cage on Ghost Rider. More!

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YABS Flashback International turmoil. Natural disasters. Ethnic and religious bigotry. Forget all that, the IMPORTANT news is in this week's BUZZLINE!

A Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition: Scott Mills of "Big Clay Pot," Bendis announces "Ultimate Marvel Team-Up" line-up, "Penny Arcade" attacks Scott McCloud, DC superheroes know Jack

Issue #24

Monthly comic book issues, versus trade paperbacks and original graphic novels? Which one is a librarian gonna stock? Plus, Larry shows the love to comics people who Get It.

Delano on the state of the "Outlaw Nation," a Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition: Alex Robinson of "Box Office Poison," Neil Gaiman opens official Web site

Issue #99

Another bad rap for Darwinism, as Marvel lets the small furry mammals in...

Updated! Spider-Man teaser poster revealed! Goyer eyes Dr. Strange. The Eltingville Club goes to Japan. Parasyte gets a director. X-Men 2 and more!

Whatever happened to the 'Last X-Men' story, Gail Simone/Lea Hernandez' 'Killer Princesses' debuts online, Preview: Go Girl #4

Issue #23

Actually getting your comics doesn't have to be a difficult process. Bring the kids indoors and keep 'em away from the windows, because ol' Lar here is in a mood.

Miracleman to appear in McFarlane's "Hellspawn," Bendis announces creative team changes on "Powers," Eagle Awards nominations opened

Issue #98

"Real" publishers publishing graphic novels is the salvation of comics, right? Dream on...

Rucka signs for Queen & Country. Alien Arena makes Heavy Metal noise. Universal fishes for Sub-mariner. Batman Special Edition DVD and more!

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